Mobile Promoted Video


The promoted video provides an organic integration that looks and performs like site content rather than an advertisement.
Placement: First slot of homepage, above the fold, with video overlay on user click
* Poster: 675x1000
* Video: 16:9 aspect ratio
Creative Guidelines: Video length should be 3-5 minutes but they can be up to 20 minutes if necessary.
Restrictions: Limit of 2 video swaps during campaign run. Limit of 2 poster swaps during campaign run. Slate and poster images are automatically selected by IMDb’s ingestion system. Posters cannot include tune-in messaging.
Formatting: Full HD 1080p, H.264 file format for optimal results (WMV, AVI and Quicktime acceptable). IMDb does not support ProRes file format

Mobile Promoted Video Examples

Production Specifications
Serving 1st party only
Ad Type Custom
Core Dimensions Poster: 675x1000 Video: 16:9 aspect ratio
Supported Devices All
Supported Date Messaging Up to 5 unique date messages
Asset Deliverables

Each ad execution has unique requirements necessary to produce the individual unit. Failure to provide assets in compliance with the guidelines and technical specifications will impact launch dates.

Promoted Video
  • Poster: If IMDb does not already have your preferred poster image ingested to our site please provide a portrait oriented poster at min 675x1000 px
  • Video: If IMDb does not already have your preferred video ingested to our site please provide as .mov or h.264 format at a minimum size of 720p
Production Timeline

IMDb Ad Production Timelines account for the number of business days it will take to produce an ad unit. Ad Production Timelines include all typical phases of an ad lifecycle such as booking, design, trafficking and testing. Timelines vary depending on who is responsible for designing the ad unit.

  • All timelines begin when design assets are received and approved by IMDb.
  • All timelines end when the ad unit is live on IMDb properties.
Client Built Timeline 3 business days
IMDb Built Timeline 3 business days