Ad Policy Change Log

For our full policies, visit Amazon Ads Guidelines and Acceptance Policies (GAP).

Policy changeDate changedDate effective (if different from change date)Section in GAPDescription
Alcohol day-parting10/7/20217.1Updating day-parting requirements for BR, AU, and CA
Sponsored Display custom images9/14/20211.6Policies specific to Sponsored Display custom images
Alcohol dayparting9/14/20217.1Dayparting restrictions for Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands.
Display Ad policies for MENA9/14/20218Policies specific to MENA locales
CTA list8/13/20212.1List of pre-approved CTAs
Environmental claims7/30/20212.2Added requirements for substantiating environmental claims
Rating bug7/30/20217.4Updated guidelines for including ratings bugs in ads
Removing substantiation for “new” claims5/5/20212.2Removed specific limits on what products can use a “new” or “just released” claim
Multipurpose camping knives5/5/20216.0Clarifying that general multi-purpose camping knives are not prohibited
Anti-radiation products are prohibited3/12/20216.0Added anti-radiation products to the Prohibited Products & Services
Pricing claims must include consumption tax (JP)3/12/20214/1/20212.2.1Pricing claims in JP must include the consumption tax
Healthcare policies12/23/20207.11Updated content related to healthcare and pharmaceuticals
JP alcohol12/10/20207.1Removed frequency caps from JP alcohol policies; updated approved alcohol types for the homepage.
Ads with more than one language (JP)12/10/20202.8Added guidance for the use of limited English words in Japanese-language ads.