Ad Policy Change Log

For our full policies, visit Amazon Advertising Guidelines and Acceptance Policies (GAP).

Policy changeDate changedDate effective (if different from change date)Section in GAPDescription
Removing substantiation for “new” claims5/5/20212.2Removed specific limits on what products can use a “new” or “just released” claim
Multipurpose camping knives5/5/20216.0Clarifying that general multi-purpose camping knives are not prohibited
Anti-radiation products are prohibited3/12/20216.0Added anti-radiation products to the Prohibited Products & Services
Pricing claims must include consumption tax (JP)3/12/20214/1/20212.2.1Pricing claims in JP must include the consumption tax
Healthcare policies12/23/20207.11Updated content related to healthcare and pharmaceuticals
JP alcohol12/10/20207.1Removed frequency caps from JP alcohol policies; updated approved alcohol types for the homepage.
Ads with more than one language (JP)12/10/20202.8Added guidance for the use of limited English words in Japanese-language ads.