Device ads

Device ads appear within the user interface of certain Amazon devices with screens like Fire TV, Fire tablet, and Echo Show, and services like Prime Video. These engaging and immersive advertising solutions offer an opportunity for advertisers to connect with customers before they click into digital content that may not support advertisements.

Why should I use device ads?

Device ads help advertisers connect with customers throughout their daily lives at meaningful moments. Whether they’re reading the news on Fire tablet, searching recipes with Echo Show, or watching their favorite series on Fire TV or Prime Video, device ads help advertisers reach hundreds of millions of customers on Amazon devices and services.

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Reach hundreds of millions of engaged customers

Place your brand in front of highly engaged Amazon consumers, globally and at scale.

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Inspire and connect with consumers where it matters

Delight customers with high-impact, immersive, and natively integrated ad placements that make it easier than ever for customers to take action.

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Reach audiences without third party cookies

Reach relevant audiences in an environment that does not require third-party cookies to leverage Amazon’s insights.

How do I create a device ads campaign?

Advertisers can activate device ads through managed-service Amazon DSP campaigns and self-service campaigns through the Amazon Ads console.

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Advertisers can access self-service Fire TV campaigns (Sponsored Tiles, Screensaver) through the Amazon Ads console.

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Managed service

With a minimum spend, advertisers can activate in two ways: through native ad placements or custom content sponsorships.

Where do device ads appear?

Device ads appear across Fire TV, Fire tablet, Echo Show, and Prime Video on Sponsored Tiles, banners, screensavers, homescreens, lockscreens, and more.


Who can use device ads?

Device ads are available to advertisers of all verticals. There are certain ad placements that are only available to entertainment advertisers, such as Fire TV Sponsored Tiles, Fire tablet Sponsored Tiles, and Prime Video ads.

How much do device ads cost?

We require $50,000 minimum for managed-service campaigns. For self-service campaigns, there is no minimum spend.

What results can I expect from device ads?

Device ads help deliver on brand objectives throughout the entire marketing funnel. High-impact placements help advertisers drive upper-funnel brand objectives, like brand awareness, while a variety of guaranteed and unguaranteed ad placements help drive performance efficiencies.

Why should I invest in device ads on Amazon devices and services when I’m already running Streaming TV (STV) ads?

We’ve seen increased efficacy when brands add device ads to their STV campaign. We’ve seen advertisers grow incremental reach, awareness, and consideration when they added device ads to their existing STV campaign.