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Improve customer loyalty

Keep customers coming back

Create relationships that last. Amazon Ads shopping insights and engaging ad formats help your brand reconnect with the right audiences on Amazon and beyond.

Achieve your goals with easy-to-use solutions for businesses of any size.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products help customers find your products by quickly creating ads that appear in related shopping results and product pages. With an always-on strategy, we can help you connect with customers when they’re ready to buy again.

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Sponsored Display

Help cultivate brand loyalty with Sponsored Display by re-engaging with audiences who have purchased your products. This programmatic display solution helps advertisers easily re-engage the right audiences in the most relevant contexts.

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Brand follow

Build lasting relationships and engage with shoppers through Brand Follow. Shoppers can simply hit the “Follow” button in Stores, Posts, or Amazon Live to stay connected and learn the latest deals from their favorite brands in the Amazon store.

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Achieve your goals with everything in small business, plus these advanced solutions.

Display ads

Help drive loyalty by re-engaging audiences on and off Amazon who have previously purchased your product with display ads. Reconnect with your customers across the Amazon homepage, product detail pages, shopping results pages, and Twitch, across Amazon devices like Fire TV, Fire tablet, and Echo Show, as well as in premium third-party content.

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Video ads

Help boost more sales by remarketing to audiences of existing customers with interactive video ads on Streaming TV and online video. With interactive ads, customers can use either their voice or remote to add products to their cart, learn more, or even buy directly, without ever leaving their couch or the Amazon Freevee app on their Fire TV. For advertisers who do not sell on Amazon, consumers can also interact by scanning a QR code with their smartphone, which will take them to a branded landing page.

  • FAQs

    What is customer loyalty?

    Customer loyalty is an ongoing relationship between your brand and your customers. Loyal customers have a higher propensity to engage with your brand on a continual basis, make repeat purchases, and recommend your business to others.

    Why is customer loyalty important?

    Customer loyalty is an important long-term business strategy. Customer loyalty can help brands withstand changes in shopping behaviors, preferred channels, or major industry disruptions.

    How do you increase customer loyalty?

    Engaging customers in your brand’s story and values helps drive meaningful connections, going beyond a generic transactional relationship they may be used to from other brands. Communicating with customers on a regular basis makes them feel special, helps keep your products top of mind, and deepens the emotional connection with your brand. Loyal customers are more likely to purchase more often from brands they already know and trust.

    How do you measure customer loyalty?

    Customer loyalty can be measured through repeat purchases, return on ad spend, percent of new-to-brand customers, number of reviews, follower count, and campaign metrics on Amazon Attribution.