Measurement and analytics

Campaign reporting

Campaign reporting provides advertisers with metrics available through the Amazon Ads console and Amazon DSP reporting. Find information on standard industry metrics such as impressions, clicks, and sales, as well as proprietary Amazon metrics such as new-to-brand, brand halo, and Subscribe & Save.

Benefits of campaign reporting

Our reporting and measurement solutions help all marketers—from small businesses to leading advertising agencies to established brands—accurately assess the impact of their campaigns and make it easy to plan, optimize, and gauge marketing strategies.

6 types of campaign reporting

Success metrics

Success metrics fall into two categories: industry standard (click through rate, return on ad spend, detail page view rate, etc.) and e-commerce goals, which are unique to Amazon (advertising cost of sale, Subscribe and Save, etc.).

New-to-brand metrics

New-to-brand metrics are generated from first-time customers of your brand and help you understand ad-attributed purchases.

Gross and invalid traffic

Gross and invalid traffic metrics enable reconciliation of Amazon DSP metrics with third-party metrics. Invalid traffic (IVT) metrics are nuanced and can be hard to interpret, so reconcile gross metrics before using IVT metrics to rule out measurement-related discrepancies.

Reach and frequency metrics

Reach and frequency metrics show the audience volume that was exposed to ads, as well as the quantity of exposures.

Viewability metrics

Viewability metrics include the percentage of total impressions served that are viewable.

Off-Amazon conversion metrics

Conversion metrics measure attributed ad impact wherever they spend time, such as on the advertiser’s website or through a measurement partner.


What is campaign reporting?

Campaign reporting and measurement solutions are tools to accurately measure the impact of advertising and make it easy to plan and optimize campaigns and marketing strategies.

How can I measure results with campaign reporting?

Our reporting includes traffic performance insights of advertised products, such as performance by keyword and detail page views, as well as advanced retail and attribution sales insights to compare activity on Amazon before, during, and after campaigns.

How does campaign reporting work?

Campaign reporting includes both industry standard metrics and Amazon proprietary metrics. Campaign reporting helps you better understand your campaign’s impact on how customers discover, research, and purchase your products.

What products use campaign measurement?
Where is campaign reporting found?

Campaign reporting metrics are available through the Amazon Ads Console and Amazon DSP reporting.