Measurement and analytics

Amazon Brand Lift

Amazon Brand Lift studies are designed to be an insightful, easy, quick, and privacy-safe way for advertisers to quantify the impact of upper- and mid-funnel campaigns.

Why should I use Amazon Brand Lift?

Your brand can use Amazon Brand Lift to measure customer awareness, attitudes, preferences, favorability, intent, and ad recall. With participation from the Amazon Shopper Panel community, Amazon Brand Lift helps provide insights into the impact of your campaigns in the context of your brand measurement objectives.

Detailed insights for your business goals

Amazon Brand Lift allows you to see the overall lift in brand metrics from your ads as well as analyze the aggregated survey results by audience segments including age range, household income, gender identity, ad frequency, ad type, and device.

Easy and intuitive reports

Choose which campaign to measure, build the survey questions using pre-populated templates, and review your study results on demand. You can also receive results directly through the Amazon Ads API.

Quick turnaround

You can request a study while campaigns are upcoming or in flight, and results are ready in as few as 10 business days after submission—giving you a fast understanding of ongoing performance.

Privacy by design

The Amazon Shopper Panel is an opt-in program that gives panelists clear explanations about how Amazon will use their reporting. All reporting is anonymized and aggregated.

Which ad products can Amazon Brand Lift measure?

All ad campaigns run through the Amazon DSP and sponsored ads are eligible for Amazon Brand Lift, except for Sponsored Products.

amazon brand lift UI

Who can use Amazon Brand Lift?

Amazon Brand Lift controls are available via the Amazon Ads API and to all Amazon DSP advertisers in the US, UK, DE, FR, and CA. They are also available to sponsored ads advertisers in the US.

How do I create an Amazon Brand Lift study?

Sponsored ads advertisers

Sponsored ads advertisers in the US can visit the Support Center to learn how to get started.

Amazon DSP advertisers

Amazon DSP advertisers in the US, UK, DE, FR, and CA can visit the Support Center to learn how to get started.


How much does it cost to use Amazon Brand Lift?

Amazon Brand Lift is free as long as campaigns meet spend and impression minimums. Visit the sponsored ads and Amazon DSP Support Center pages, or contact your account executive to learn more.

What reports can I expect from Amazon Brand Lift?

Amazon Brand Lift calculates results and generates a report that shows absolute lift, which is the difference between the ad-exposed group’s and control group’s response rate to the qualifying responses for a given question. Results will show a summary of lift for each question, plus a deeper dive on individual questions, including demographic and audience breakouts.

What is a brand lift study?

Brand lift studies help advertisers measure the impact of their ad campaigns on shoppers’ perceptions of their brand. They evaluate whether customers who have seen an ad are more likely to respond favorably when asked about a brand, compared to a similar group of customers who haven’t see an ad. This helps brands understand how brand awareness, perception, and loyalty are changing over time.

How does a brand lift study work?

Brand lift studies use surveys, issued to both an ad-exposed audience and an unexposed control group, to measure the impact of advertising on customer perceptions of your brand.