The holiday 2019 sponsored ads guide

For new advertisers

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What matters most to you this winter?

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Introducing your business to potentially millions of Amazon customers.

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Getting more eyes on your biggest deal of the season.

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Launching a new product and scaling awareness fast.

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Taking advantage of key sales days around the world.

Last year, Amazon had a record-breaking holiday season, with more items ordered worldwide than ever before.*

More than 50 percent of items sold in our stores during the holiday season came from small and medium-sized businesses.*

*Source: Amazon press release, December 2018

Advertising with sponsored ads can help you do what’s important to you,
during and after the holidays.

Grow your reach in minutes

Sponsored ads help businesses of all sizes and experience levels attract and engage more customers. Ads take as little as 5 minutes to create, and you can advertise in all your eligible marketplaces to reach more shoppers.

Grow your sales now and later

Sponsored ads can help you get more orders during this high-traffic period. But by letting you continuously reach new customers, they can also help your business achieve near- and long-term growth.

Grow your business on your terms

Tell an impactful, on-brand story through highly visible ad placements. With sponsored ads, you can customize creative elements to meet your goals and reflect your vision. Plus, you choose your investment and pay only when a customer clicks your ad.

Advice from Amazon advertisers

Hear stories and success tips from businesses who use sponsored ads to help drive awareness, engagement, and sales.

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I truly wanted to be an entrepreneur. I have had that spirit in me since I was a child.

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"For us, Sponsored Products are just the best."

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Some years, January is our best month.

Reach your goals with sponsored ads

Sponsored ads are cost-per-click solutions that appear in prominent places on Amazon, so you can get more visibility for your products and brand.

See how each solution can help you meet your objectives.

Sponsored Products

Boost awareness and sales

Incrementality might be your top priority this season. Sponsored Products help you put your products in front of highly relevant shoppers, so you can drive sales faster.

Sponsored Products are cost-per-click ads that feature individual products and appear in Amazon search results and on product detail pages.

To be eligible for Sponsored Products, you must be a vendor or professional seller, and your advertised products must be in one or more eligible categories and be eligible for the Buy Box. Learn more in our New Advertiser Success Guide for sellers or vendors.

Sponsored Products are a very powerful ad unit…you can show a very relevant product to [shoppers] searching on Amazon.

Sean, US advertiser

Sponsored Brands

Help customers discover your brand and selection

As shoppers look for gifts and seasonal must-haves, Sponsored Brands help connect your brand name, selection, and story with an engaged audience.

Sponsored Brands are cost-per-click ads that appear in Amazon search results and feature your logo, up to 3 of your products, and a custom headline. You can drive customers to your Store or a product list page featuring your items.

To be eligible for Sponsored Brands, you must be a vendor or professional seller enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

One thing I really like about Sponsored Brands is they're the first thing you see on the Amazon search results page. You can't miss it.

Ritu, US advertiser


Create a branded destination to engage shoppers

You want your business to stand out this holiday. Stores let you create immersive, on-brand destinations on Amazon. They’re free, easy to build, and include templates and tiles that help you showcase your offering, tell your story, and engage customers.

To be eligible for Stores, you must be a vendor or professional seller enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

“Stores are very powerful for brands on Amazon to be able to cross-promote different products…and show off your entire product line.”

Sean, US advertiser

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Winter shopping around the world

Don’t limit yourself to advertising only in your domestic marketplace. Build your international business and get your brand in front of Amazon customers around the world by advertising in all your eligible marketplaces.

This winter, you’ll find unique advertising and sales opportunities around the globe.

"When it comes to advertising in other marketplaces, the biggest hurdle is often the language. Knowing the right keywords to use in your campaigns is the most important thing. We learned that using automatic targeting is a very good starting point in order to learn how customers are discovering your products on Amazon in those local languages. You can then use those terms in your manual campaigns."

Ritu, US advertiser

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Reasons to advertise globally this holiday season:

Open the door to a new customer base: Each marketplace has a unique customer base and demand for products. Advertising can help you reach potentially millions of additional shoppers around the world this holiday season.

Diversify your ad strategy: Advertising in multiple marketplaces can also help you drive additional sales during local holidays, like Boxing Day in the UK and El Buen Fin in Mexico. This can help you take advantage of peak sales day in other countries that might not exist in your domestic marketplace.

No language skills required to start: You can launch campaigns in minutes with no additional language skills or country insights needed. We give you the tools you need to get started—like automatic targeting campaigns to generate new keywords in local languages.

How to start advertising now

Q4 is busy. Getting started with sponsored ads, however, is quick. Here are our top tips.

Sponsored products

Create a Sponsored Products campaign

Start with automatic targeting, where Amazon ad systems do the work of targeting keywords and products that are similar to your ad. This will give you insight into how shoppers find and buy your products.

After two weeks, go to the campaign manager, download your search term report, and see which terms generate the most sales for you. Use these to create a keyword-targeted manual campaign, and set competitive bids for those top-performing keywords to help maximize sales.

See our New Advertiser Success Guide for sellers or vendors for step-by-step guidance.

Advertising options

Take advantage of all your advertising options

Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and vendors can use Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Stores to help boost their visibility, further their reach, and create a cohesive, brand-centered advertising strategy.

Search results

Advertise your deals

Customers are actively looking for deals on Amazon during the holiday season. In 2018, Cyber Monday was the single biggest shopping day in Amazon history, with more products ordered worldwide than any other day.*

Use sponsored ads to help get your deals noticed by more customers. Your ad will automatically feature the deal badge in search results placements, and products displayed in your Store will also automatically feature information for deals and coupons.

Daily budget

Set a strong daily budget

If you’re getting started in Q4, know that increased traffic during peak periods can result in more clicks, which can exhaust your budget more quickly than normal. Setting a higher budget—10% more than what you ordinarily would, for example—may help keep your ads serving.

Also, check your budget every evening and adjust it if it’s running low. Even a small increase may help your ad show to more nighttime shoppers (and help you get more total sales).

Set bids

Set bids that can help you win impressions

To stay competitive during peak days, set your bids to the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click. Remember, you pay only when a customer clicks your ad, and you can lower your bids in seconds any time you choose.

Keep your ads running

Keep your ads running

Sustain awareness and sales by setting no end date for your campaigns. Customers don’t stop looking for products once tent-pole events end, and many continue to seek out deals, redeem gift cards, and more after the holidays are over.

Looking for more guidance?

Register for the Amazon Advertising learning console to take free individual online courses,
including one on preparing for peak shopping periods.

Tips from Amazon Advertising specialists

Get more insights about advertising this holiday from our staff members.

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Figure out which keywords are the most important for you, and focus on being competitive for those.

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"Curate your messaging and product portfolio in an immersive, dedicated setting."

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