Getting Started

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a type of paid advertising where ads display at no charge—ad impressions, or views, are free, and the advertiser is only charged when a customer clicks on the ad. Amazon Marketing Services ad types run on the PPC model.

Sponsored Products is an ad type that can increase search visibility, utilizing keywords to target customers. The ads serve both on desktop and mobile browsers as well as on the Amazon Smartphone App. Clicks on the ads drive customers to the advertised product’s detail page.

Product Display Ads (PDA) target your ads by related products (books or otherwise) or by customer interest (genre). The ads serve on desktop detail pages and campaigns targeted by customer interest may qualify for additional ad placement on Kindle E-readers.

  • Impression: An impression is generated every time your ad is displayed.
  • Click: A click is generated when a user clicks or taps your ad.
  • Click-through rate: Click-through rate is the number of clicks your ad generates divided by the number of times your ad is displayed (impressions).
  • Detail Page View: A detail page view or DPV occurs when a shopper visits one of your brand’s product detail pages after clicking on your ad.
  • Total Sales: Sum of sales attributed to your campaign; each time a customer clicks on your ad and purchases your book within 14 days. It takes three days after your first click for this data to begin showing in your report. This data includes sales of co-authored books.
  • ACoS: The Average Cost of Sales (ACOS) is the amount you’ve spend on a campaign divided by the total sales attributed to your ad.


AMS ads are pay-per-click, meaning you only pay when shoppers click on your ad. The minimum budget to run an ad is $1/day or $100 per campaign, depending on the ad type you choose.

While the budget allows you to control the spend on a campaign, AMS sets minimum budget requirements for running your ad campaigns to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your ad run. The average daily budget minimum is $1 per day, and the minimum campaign budget is $100. We recommend at least 60 days’ campaign length to give the ads the chance to get measurable campaign results.

Yes, you can increase your budget once the ad is live.

When creating a campaign, an advertiser enters a bid for the keywords, genres or products that they want to target. A bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay when a targeted shopper clicks on an ad. To make bidding easier, AMS provides a suggested bid amount in the ad builder.

Depending on which ad type you choose, your budget will be used in one of two ways:

  1. Average daily spend (total cost = daily budget x number of days in campaign)
  2. Campaign budget (total cost = campaign budget)

Regardless of how your budget is spent, AMS ads give you control over the total amount you want to spend—the final cost will never be more than the amount you’ve set for your campaign’s duration.


At this time, advertising solutions for books through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are only available to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors and books vendors with a retail relationship.

Advertisements must be appropriate for a general audience, available in the English language, and must meet the Book Ads Acceptance Policy for advertising. When Amazon Marketing Services generates creative for your advertisements, your book’s cover, title, and content are part of the advertisement and will be reviewed. Custom ad images you upload will also be reviewed for alignment with the policies.

Some common reasons that campaigns are rejected for advertising include poor quality images or covers, unreadable text, typos in text, content not appropriate for a general audience, and content that is not localized for use in the United States.