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Hear how current Amazon advertisers use sponsored ads to attract more customers, increase sales, and meet their individual goals.

Success with Sponsored Products

6 sellers describe their experiences using Sponsored Products.

Vermont Teddy Bear case study

The New England brand has steadily grown their Amazon business by using sponsored ads and Stores to introduce more shoppers to their unique toy collections.

“Our Store gives our brand a permanent place on Amazon. Linking our Sponsored Brands ad to our Store has been profitable.”
-Jason Baer, VP of Sales & Marketing, Vermont Teddy Bear

Popfunk case study

Popfunk changed the business model for the pop culture licensing industry when it became the first US company to print on-demand apparel—and again when they started selling on Amazon. Learn how sponsored ads, however, helped them see their biggest wins to date.

“In six months, we were able to increase monthly sales on Amazon. By the time we made it to our first holiday sales season, the impact of Amazon Advertising on our business goals was clear.”
-Trevor George, President, Popfunk