Advertising your brand on Amazon

Getting started: Your campaign creation guide

Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns are easy to create, but there are several things to consider before you do it. These tips will help set you up for success:

Sponsored Brands

Tip 1: Headline

Make your headline engaging and action-oriented. Call out whether your products are new or exclusive, and be sure to express what makes them unique. For a good customer experience, make sure your headline corresponds with the products you chose for the ad—and remember these key points:

Check your grammar: Incorrect punctuation, spelling, or capitalization will be flagged during moderation. Save time and revisions by triple-checking that your headline is accurate.
Don’t embellish: You want to put your brand and products in the best light, but avoid using unsupported claims such as “best” or “top-selling.”
Be mindful of your promotional and holiday messaging: You can promote your deals with Sponsored Brands to help get more eyes on them. When calling out your promotion, be sure your campaign end date corresponds with your message (for example, a campaign with a Christmas-themed promotion would need to end on December 25). Your deal also must be created before you launch your ad campaign.

Tip 2: Products

Pick products that represent your brand and showcase your selection. It’s a smart idea to choose products that are colorful or visually appealing, and that look good together in the context of your ad.

Need more information about what products you can feature? See the available categories for Sponsored Brands.

Tip 3: Landing Page

Sponsored Brands campaigns have three destinations:

1) When a shopper clicks on the individual ASINs featured in your ad, they’re taken to that product’s page.
2) When they click on your logo or headline, they’re taken to your Store or product listing page showing a selection of your items.

Tips: A product listing page is required to have three ASINs, but we recommend you add all ASINs relevant to your campaign. If you will have less than three eligible ASINs on the page due to out-of-stock issues, your campaigns will be paused. Consider creating your Store to promote your products if you have less than three ASINs.

Tip 4: Logo

Your logo is valuable. Have a high-resolution file ready to upload before you get started.

Tip 5: Moderation

After you submit your ad, it will be reviewed by the Amazon moderation team within 72 hours. Once approved, your ad will run automatically. If your ad has been rejected, we’ll notify you via email to explain why it wasn’t approved. You can then resubmit with changes.

Sponsored Products

Tip 1: Your goals

Start by asking yourself what you want to accomplish with your campaign. Do you want to jumpstart sales of a new product? Clear excess inventory? Promote a seasonal or limited-time item? Sponsored Products can help you do all these things, but it’s important to define your goals so you can properly evaluate your performance.

Tip 2: Buy Box

The Buy Box is the box on a product page where customers begin the purchase process by adding items to their shopping carts. If your products aren’t winning the Buy Box, your ad won’t display.

Tip 3: Product pages

You're investing in Sponsored Products to drive customers to your product pages, so help maximize conversions once they get there by ensuring your pages are accurate, engaging, and useful.

Title: Create a title with your most relevant keywords and product information. Don't include promotional messaging, keyword stuffing, or words in ALL CAPs.
Bullet points: Feature three to five bullet points with customer benefits, product uses, and compatibility information.
Keywords: Include targeted keywords in the ‘Generic Keywords’ field.
Images: In addition to the main image of your product on a white background, add two to five alternate, high-resolution images to highlight product features, lifestyle use cases, and other details.
Product description: Write a product description with major product features and warranty information.

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