Advertising your brand on Amazon

Attracting new shoppers to your brand

Understanding how your advertising reaches new and existing customers is key to understanding how effective it is in helping meet your objectives.
To help you understand how Sponsored Brands can help you reach new customers, we offer a set of marketing metrics called new-to-brand.

New-to-brand metrics determine whether an ad-attributed sale was made by an existing customer or by one buying your product on Amazon for the first time in the last year. Metrics include total new-to-brand purchases and sales, new-to-brand purchase rate, and cost per new-to-brand customer. You can check out our full new-to-brand metrics here.

Flow chart on how your advertising reaches new and existing customers

How do I use these metrics?

These metrics will help you make informed decisions when optimizing your Sponsored Brands campaigns. Once your campaigns have been live for at least two weeks, use the metrics to:

Identify which campaigns have the highest percentage of new-to-brand orders, then take a close look at those campaigns. Do you see any patterns in the headlines or creative? If so, double down on your efforts. We recommend increasing your bids and budgets, as acquiring new customers may be more expensive.

• Within a campaign, identify your keywords that have the highest percentage of new-to-brand sales. Then, use these keywords in new campaigns targeted at driving new customers.

• Want to reach and engage existing customers? Look at campaigns with the lowest percentage of new-to-brand orders or sales. You might want focus on promoting these ads to shoppers already familiar with your brand.

Learn more about the new-to-brand metrics for Amazon Ads in this blog post.