Strong products, strong ads: Pick ASINs that help improve your performance

Simple truth: Getting the most out of your ad investment starts with your products. Through detailed guidance and scenarios, you’ll learn how to choose products for your ads that have the highest chance of engaging customers—and how to set the right strategy for each product to help bring more attention to your whole catalog.

Level: Intermediate
Appropriate for: All vendors, sellers


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clear goals

Set clear goals for your products

choose targeting strategies

Choose targeting strategies that support your goals

improve your listings

Improve your listings to help boost engagement

enhance campaign performance

Use reports, tools, and features to enhance campaign performance

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

"Amazon Ads has become part of our standard operations for launching or building a product. Every single product, every single ASIN that we build, gets some kind of advertising."

— Adam, Advertiser, TheGroupDeal