Expanding your Sponsored Display strategy

Are you reaching relevant audiences with Sponsored Display? If you've launched a Sponsored Display campaign, discover how to take it to the next level with this intermediate webinar. We'll dive into targeting strategies based on your business objectives, show you how to understand your metrics, and help you take the right steps to boost your performance—covering a few optimization scenarios along the way.

New to Sponsored Display? Learn the basics in our introductory webinar.

Level: Advanced
Appropriate for: Vendors and sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.


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Sponsored Display ad placement
Optimize your Sponsored Display performance
Users in front of a chart trending upward
Create campaigns based on your business goals
Users in a Venn diagram
Engage audiences on or off Amazon
Users connected to lifestyle elements
Try a new Sponsored Display targeting tactic

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

“Sponsored Display product targeting aligns with our full-funnel advertising approach by empowering advertisers to drive incremental growth, brand awareness, and product consideration.”

— Courtney, Advertiser