Get started with sponsored ads

Get ready to launch your first campaign with Amazon Ads. This entry-level webinar covers how to use sponsored ads to help Amazon customers discover and purchase your products. We'll focus on how to get your ASINs ready for advertising, ways to jumpstart your sales, and tips for creating your first ad campaign. Our registration walk-through will show you how to get up and running with advertising, and we'll have marketing specialists available to answer your questions.

If you already launched your first Sponsored Products campaign, check out our intermediate webinar where we help you optimize your first campaign and launch manual Sponsored Products campaigns.

Level: Entry-level
Appropriate for: All sellers and vendors, whether or not you currently advertise on Amazon


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Learn how to register for advertising


Get your ASINs ready for advertising

Sponsored Products ad placement on desktop and mobile

Launch your first Sponsored Products campagin

Bright idea

Help shoppers discover your products

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

"Before you start doing any advertising, it's really important to set a goal before you start anything. Whether your goal is growth and awareness, sales, customer retention and loyalty."

— Sara, Advertiser