An in-depth look at bulk operations

Want a simpler way to manage all your campaigns? Bulk operations can help, a lot. With this feature, you can build, manage, and optimize multiple campaigns at the same time.

Our advanced-level webinar is for advertisers with multiple campaigns who want to scale their efforts more efficiently. We'll look at how bulk operations works, going beyond the basics to help you fill out bulk spreadsheets, understand your data, and troubleshoot possible issues. We'll also show you how to use the tool in a live, step-by-step demo: downloading the spreadsheet, making adjustments, and re-uploading your file to implement your changes.

Level: Advanced
Appropriate for: All sellers and vendors


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interpret your bulksheet

Learn how to easily interpret your bulk spreadsheet

spreadsheet optimization

Optimize all your sponsored ads campaigns in one spreadsheet

Understand if your bulk file was uploaded

Understand if your bulk file was uploaded, and how to troubleshoot any errors

demo for using bulk operations

Step-by-step guidance and demo for using bulk operations

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

“One of the most helpful things that Amazon has done is providing more bulk features. One of the ones that I make the most frequent use of is negative key terms. We might have a campaign that's using broad keywords that's hitting 30,000 different keywords and we'll find keywords that are not working within that 30 thousand group and we will bulk upload them as negative key terms. That way I might upload fifteen hundred keywords saying I do not want to target these keywords.”

— Travis, Advertiser