Help your books stand out with Sponsored Brands

Learn how Sponsored Brands ads can help authors showcase a collection of your eligible books (meet the books eligibility policy) and capture the attention of readers.

In this webinar, we’ll show how Sponsored Brands campaigns can help you promote your books to a wide, relevant audience and inspire reader loyalty. We’ll review best practices for your campaign creative and tailored targeting recommendations, helping to create Sponsored Brands ads that meet your goals. The presentation will also include a step-by-step campaign creation demo to help you easily get started.

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Level: Intermediate
Appropriate for: Authors with three or more eligible books under the same byline claimed in Author Central.


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Set up your first Sponsored Brands campaign

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Help visually engage readers

measure results

Refine your targeting strategy

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Inspire reader loyalty

This webinar includes a demo, plus a Q&A session with an advertising specialist.