Strong foundation, strong ads: Get ready for advertising

What’s the foundation of a strong advertising strategy? From key retail matters (like optimizing your product information) to advertising eligibility, we’ll go deep in this live webinar to help you prepare for advertising and enhance your current performance.

You’ll learn tips for using our self-service solutions, choosing products to advertise, and creating detail pages that do your products justice. Appropriate for all levels—whether you’ve never advertised on Amazon, or are looking for ways to help strengthen your campaigns.

Level: All levels
Appropriate for: All sellers, vendors, and KDP authors, whether or not you currently advertise on Amazon.


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key retail concepts

Explore how key retail concepts can affect advertising performance

advertising eligibility

Review advertising eligibility

product detail page

Learn how to optimize your product detail pages

discover best practices

Discover best practices for new and existing campaigns

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

"When you’re creating a product listing, you’re creating a brand story, a product story. Because on Amazon, people shop with their eyes first. [They] look at pictures, look at your title, and see if this is what [they] want to consider purchasing. On the detail page, this is the time for [sellers] to really let the customer know why they should purchase their product. Communicate a good story to customers."

— David, Advertiser