Connect with customers and drive results with Sponsored Brands

You’ve got a story to tell. It’s about how your brand delights your customers. How your products fill a need, make a moment more exciting, or get a job done faster. Whatever it is, Sponsored Brands helps you tell it. In this session, learn how you can use Sponsored Brands to connect with customers and drive results. You'll leave knowing all about the three Sponsored Brands ad formats. Plus, we’ll share our top recommendations for impactful Sponsored Brands campaigns and creatives. Stay to the end of the webinar for a live Q+A session, where we’ll answer your questions.

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Level: Intermediate

Appropriate for: Vendors and sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

Sponsored Brands ad placement on desktop and mobile

Understand the three Sponsored Brands ad formats

Shopping cart

Learn how to build your campaigns, step-by-step

Ad placement on desktop

Get our top recommendations for impactful Sponsored Brands campaigns and creatives

Brand awarness

Discover how to match your ads to your goals and measure success

quoteUpThrough advertising with Sponsored Brands, customers' familiarity with the brand and our sales is improved.quoteDown
— Joe Song (宋华锐), General Manager, AstroAI