Building brand awareness with Amazon Ads

There are always customers eager to find their next purchase, whether they’re casually browsing in their favorite category, scanning through the latest deals, or actively researching new items to fit a specific need. In this free webinar, we’ll share how you can help build awareness for your brand and create new opportunities for shoppers to discover your products at these key moments.

Level: Intermediate
Appropriate for: Vendors and sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry


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customer decision journey

Learn about the customer decision journey and why awareness is important

Stores and Posts

Explore the foundations of a brand awareness strategy with Stores and Posts

Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display

Review tactics for building awareness with Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display

measure results

Know which metrics to use to measure your results

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

"Amazon Ads has absolutely enabled us to reach new customers and improve awareness of our brand to a population who we just wouldn't have been able to reach.”

— Neal Mercado, Chief Marketing Officer, Designs for Health