How Amazon Ads partners can help save you time and improve your ad campaigns

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Hear directly from Amazon Ads partners Helium 10, Perpetua, and Ad Advance

Amazon Ads has a global community of tool providers and agencies that have knowledge across all of our ad products. These partners can help launch, plan, execute, and optimize your campaigns, saving you time and helping you reach your advertising goals.

WW sellers observed a 18% increase in Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS) 6 months after working with an Amazon Ads Partner1

What we’ll cover in this live webinar:

  • How partners can help you find advertising success in the new year
  • Different types of partners and how to select partner(s) according to your business goals
  • Partner introductions, demos and client success stories from Helium 10, Perpetua, and Ad Advance
  • Live Q&A with our panel of partners

This webinar will also include a demo, plus a Q+A session with an advertising specialist.

1 Amazon internal data, WW 2022