Behind the streams: Here's what you need to know about Amazon OTT

In our new video series, we’re sitting down with Amazon Advertising experts to help you gain insights and learn about the latest trends that are shaping over-the-top (OTT) video advertising.

Watch the video to learn from Maggie Zhang, Head of Measurement Success, why Amazon OTT is a must-buy for your media mix.

Read an excerpt of the transcript below.

More people are watching more content in more places than ever before. Look at the past five years. Cable households have lost a quarter of their subscribers, while non-cable TV households in the same time period have doubled. 90% of our audience is watching almost 2 hours of streaming TV every day. Streaming OTT video isn’t just the place to reach audiences, it is increasingly become the place to build lasting customer connections.

Customers rely on Amazon to discover new products, watch movie and TV shows, listen to music and podcasts, and read their favorite books. These daily interactions help you understand the audiences interacting with your brand both on and off Amazon. These billions of first-party insights are the most effective way to reach our 300MM Amazon accounts worldwide so that you can build direct, trusted connections.

We found that advertisers that leveraged demographics and our first-party behavioral signals saw a 38% increase in consideration and advertisers who solely relied on our first-party behavioral signals saw a 44% increase in consideration.

We hear from advertisers that measuring success is one of their greatest challenges. Our first-party insights and our 20+ third-party studies, like Nielsen and Kantar, help you to understand how you drove customer actions across the entire customer journey both on and off Amazon.