How DEI and sustainability impact consumers’ shopping interactions in the travel industry

April 12, 2023

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Diving deeper into our 2022 Higher Impact research, we explored consumer sentiments from across Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US in connection with five industries (Fashion, Health & Beauty, Travel, Grocery, and Auto) to better understand how they feel about the role of brands around the issues of sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Travel consumers live to experience the world—and to make it an even better place for others

Consumers expect travel and leisure brands to lead with their values and make authentic commitments to DEI and sustainability.

Travel offers exposure to new experiences and cultures—and consumers want travel brands to embrace diversity


About 42% of global respondents believe it’s very important for travel brands to commit to DEI.


More than one-third (35%) of respondents will do their own research to confirm these DEI commitments.

Travel brands can take steps to further their commitments to DEI


Almost 4 in 10 (39%) respondents say that travel brands do not meet expectations when it comes to demonstrating commitments to DEI.

To consumers, DEI in the travel industry means many things—but at its core, it represents the value of treating everyone equitably

From inclusive hiring to making sure all clients feel valued, keeping the travel industry free from discrimination is key for consumers dedicated to DEI. The top ways that consumers believe travel and leisure brands can demonstrate their commitment to DEI include:

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No.1 Not discriminating against travelers and/or employees

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No. 2 Hiring people from diverse backgrounds

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No. 3 Treating clients equitably

Consumers who want to travel the globe care deeply about protecting it


Over half of respondents (55%) want to see travel brands commit to sustainability.


Nearly half (42%) are likely to carry out their own research on sustainability efforts before supporting brands with their money.

When making their plans, travelers want more information about sustainable choices

While respondents noted that the top obstacle to making more sustainable travel choices was costFinclusin, they also wish they had more information about sustainable options and more information on what criteria they should even research when making travel purchases.

Brands can take steps to build trust

With nearly half (42%) of global consumers concerned about DEI in the travel industry and more than half (55%) concerned about sustainability, here are some actions that brands can take:

  1. Align your brand purpose with action to demonstrate your commitments to sustainability and DEI
  2. Center your brand strategy on consumer needs to build and maintain trust and credibility with customers
  3. Stay connected with your customers by authentically sharing your brand story around sustainability and DEI efforts through different channels, as well as solutions like Streaming TV, audio ads, and other multi-objective brand-building strategies

Source: Amazon Ads with Environics Research, 2022 Higher Impact study, CA, DE, JP, UK, and US