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By: Shash Mehrotra, Associate, Industry Analytics

In this analysis, we will look at the year-over-year (YoY) metrics of Coffee Consumables between April 2021 and March 2022. First, we look at how the category performs overall on (United Kingdom). Second, we highlight the shopping trends within the category.

Combined, these insights provide advertisers with metrics that can assist with media and product planning.

Category performance between April 2021 and March 2022

At the time of our analysis, Coffee Consumables is first in total sales and fourth in sales growth rank YoY among other peer categories. Below are the top-ranking categories within the Beverages vertical.

  1. Coffee Consumables (first in sales; fourth in sales growth rank)
  2. Soft Drinks & Mixers (second in sales and sales growth rank)
  3. Tea (third in sales; fifth in sales growth rank)
  4. Water (fourth in sales; first in sales growth rank)

Shopping behaviors

Shifting from category performance metrics to shopping metrics, we look at two trends:

  • How are new-to-category customers (customers purchasing a product within a category for the first time) entering Coffee Consumables?
  • What are they shopping for within the category?

The share of new-to-category customers was highest in November and December

Coffee Consumables shoppers who visit the category for the first time are potential new customers, so it is important to understand how and when they enter the category. Looking at April 2021 to March 2022, we find that the highest share of new customers entered the category in November and December.

Monthly share of new-to-category customers

Monthly share of new-to-category customers

Most new-to-category customers purchase syrups, creamers, and coffee capsules

Of the new-to-category customers who purchase Coffee Consumables products, the majority enter through the syrups, creamers, and coffee capsules subcategories.

Top entry sub-categories

Syrups, Creamers & Other: 37%

Syrups, creamers and others 37%

Coffee Capsules: 32%

coffee capsules 32%

Instant Coffee: 16%

Instant coffee 16%

Cofee Beans: 15%

coffee beans 15%

Advertisers can reach new-to-category audiences by promoting products within subcategories where customers tend to enter the category, such as gloves and snow gear.

70% of new-to-category shoppers purchase other products on Amazon

While it is important to understand how and where customers are entering the category, it may also be useful to know where else these customers may be shopping on Amazon. We find that 70% of new-to-category customers purchase products from other categories prior to purchasing a coffee consumable. Ordered by purchase propensity, the top overlap categories are:

Top overlap categories

#1 condiments, spreads and cooking

Condiments, Spreads & Cooking

#2 snacks and desserts

Snack & Desserts

#3 spirits


#4 household consumables

Household Consumables


As seen in this study, Coffee Consumables is the top-ranked category within the Beverages vertical in the Amazon store in the UK in terms of total sales. Coffee Consumables is also the fourth-fastest growing category YoY within the vertical. Last, we see that the share of new-to-category customers is highest in November and December.

To improve Coffee Consumables sales performance, advertisers can consider adjusting ad spend to better align with the top entry subcategories (Syrups, Creamers & Other; Coffee Capsules) and with the highest-entry months for new-to-category customers. Advertisers should also consider incorporating top overlap categories into their sponsored ads.

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Source: Amazon internal data, UK, 2022