Curious about Twitch ads? Here’s everything you need to know.

Are you a brand looking to level up your game with ads on Twitch? We’ve put together this advertising guide to explain how they work and how to get started.

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Communities watch and create together on Twitch, the leading global livestreaming service. Every day, an average of 35 million users—nearly 70% of whom are between the ages 18 and 34, the next-generation audience of Gen Z adults and younger millennials—tune in from around the world to thousands of streamers as they explore passions that span gaming and sports to talk shows, music, and everything in between.1

What is the value of ads on Twitch?

On Twitch, streamers create content, form tight-knit bonds with their viewers, and establish highly connected communities who value live engagement and lasting relationships. With the help of Amazon’s first-party signals, brands can combine high-impact video and display ads to forge authentic ties with these creators and their hard-to-reach young-adult cohorts.

How do ads work on Twitch?

Twitch takes a community-first approach to brand collaborations. As Amazon Ads found in From Ads to Zeitgeist, a global study that examines the relationship between advertising and culture, the most successful advertisers on Twitch first understand its community values and behaviors before engaging with these audiences to build brand awareness.

By advertising on Twitch, a hub that brings creators and their followers together during moments that matter through engaging ad formats fueled by robust audience insights, brands can build connections with engaged viewers, 52% of whom say they spend more than three hours a day on Twitch and 59% of whom say they watch Twitch content daily.2

What are Affiliates or Partners on Twitch?

Anyone can stream on Twitch, but once creators reach certain benchmarks, they can unlock new features as ways to monetize their channel.

When content creators reach the Affiliate level or Partner level on Twitch, they can receive revenue from running ads on their channel. These advertisements appear before streams as pre-roll or during streams as mid-roll ad breaks. Running mid-roll ads is entirely up to the streamer. Regularly running ad breaks during a stream can disable pre-rolls, meaning that new viewers will not typically see an ad when they first join a channel. These ad breaks can be between 30 seconds and three minutes long.

Where do Twitch ads appear?

Twitch offers media products, native site integrations, brand partnerships, and sponsorships to connect with millions of streaming audiences. Brands can use display ads throughout the Twitch site on the homepage carousel, homepage headliner, and a medium rectangle and super leaderboard placement as viewers scroll through content. Twitch premium video ads allow brands to incorporate advertisements into live broadcasts across desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TV (CTV) devices.

Video ads on Twitch are unskippable and always above the fold. Twitch’s proprietary SureStream delivery method stitches video creative directly into the broadcast content, and reaches CTV, console, and ad block users on desktop web.

How can brands advertise on Twitch?

With a minimum spend, brands that want to meet customers in the moment can launch a high-impact video display media campaign. These include ads on the Twitch homepage, discovery pages, and channel pages. Ad creative must incorporate the advertiser’s logo or brand name, and must match and relate to the products and/or services being advertised. All information in the creative must be accurate and verifiable. Content must comply with Twitch’s Community Guidelines.

The initial point of entry for brands is video ads created for the community. The next step is integration with streamers where Twitch works with brands to sponsor segments or place products, or otherwise engage with audiences in a way that feels native to the channel. Twitch’s Brand Partnership Studio equips brands to create on Twitch—from custom commercials, to never-been-done activations, to individual stream and event sponsorships, especially during can’t-miss cultural moments.

Align your brand with the experiences Twitch users crave through programs that help take entertainment to the next level. This includes Twitch Rivals, a destination for live, competitive entertainment on Twitch; and /twitchgaming, a dedicated channel on Twitch where the creator community and their viewers delve into what is new, now, and next in gaming. Other Amazon Ads solutions include advertising through Streaming TV campaigns, which drive 52% incremental reach in the U.S.,3 or online video campaigns, which drive 44% incremental reach in the U.S.4

What are the benefits of Twitch ads?

With users tuning in from around the world from more than 230 countries, Twitch reaches a large, highly engaged global audience that pairs live, creator-driven content with engaging ad solutions informed by contextual and behavioral signals. The Twitch community primarily comprises Gen Z adults and millennials.

This also goes well beyond just gaming. Art, beauty, food and drink, music, and Just Chatting content continues to see growing interest from viewers. Users come to Twitch for live, interactive entertainment and powerful storytelling that brands can pair with innovative ad solutions. In a recent survey, 64% of viewers said that watching video ads or sponsorships can be beneficial since it supports the creators of the free content they enjoy. 8

Furthermore, 71% of viewers agree that the interactivity tools from Twitch, such as chatting or voting, makes advertising more interesting. On average, 79% of “Generation Twitch” want to have long-term relationships with brands, and 59% prefer to pay more for brands they know and love.9

What are the reach options for Twitch ads?

An average of 35 million users from around the world, nearly 70% of whom are between the ages 18 and 34, tune in to the streaming service daily. According to From Ads to Zeitgeist, 7 in 10 respondents want to see more genuine stories that reflect different cultures, and 69% of those who watch livestreams believe brands create shared experiences.5

Through a generational lens, this is particularly strong for Gen Z adults and millennials, 70% of whom seek a sense of belonging through culture, compared to 58% of boomers. There is ample opportunity to connect on services such as Twitch with these audiences who are already in the mindset to seek community.

How do you optimize and cross-sell Twitch ads?

Brands can optimize their advertising strategies and full-funnel campaigns through video ads on Twitch. With millions of global users tuning in daily to the service, Twitch is a place where brands can discover new audiences by meeting customers where they love to spend time. Whether or not brands have existing assets or are just starting out, Amazon Ads can help with creative strategy, optimization, and production.

What are the reporting capabilities for Twitch ads?

Benefits of Twitch ads include reaching audiences at scale based on billions of exclusive signals, helping brands discover new customers through video ads that can show up on premium content through managed-service or self-service packages. With first-party reporting metrics, brands can monitor insights such as their impressions, unique reach, video completion rate, detail page views, branded searches, and new-to-brand through easy-to-use tools to plan, activate, and measure video investment to see the impact of their video buy.

Examples of Twitch ads


To launch a new collection, Reebok collaborated with Amazon Ads to drive awareness and consideration among adult Gen Z and millennial fitness enthusiasts in the U.K. and Germany. By implementing a video-forward strategy, the brand used insights to see when and how these audiences interact the most with video content. With the help of Fire TV and Twitch video ads, Reebok connected with highly engaged customers who had a greater likelihood to consider purchasing their products online.

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When the legacy brand wanted to reach adult Gen Z and millennial shoppers, KITKAT approached Amazon Ads to connect with this hard-to-reach cohort in the Netherlands. The team used their world-famous tagline, “Have a break. Have a KITKAT,” to create a campaign around gamers who go on “tilt mode” when their performance dips. The ensuing video ad featured a streamer who was making careless mistakes during a gaming session, with the tagline: “Even the biggest champ needs a break,” resulting in an increase in brand awareness.

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How can brands get started advertising on Twitch?

Once your brand is ready to start advertising on Twitch, contact a Twitch account executive to find the right way to start incorporating the service into your holistic advertising strategy with Amazon Ads and help connect with audiences.

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