Sponsored Display custom product image creative

Advertisers can choose between using an automated image or a custom image in their creative for Sponsored Display, our self-service display advertising solution.

What do I need to know about custom product images?

Customizable backgrounds: Sponsored Display’s default creative automatically uses product imagery from an advertised ASIN’s detail page and supports a white background. Custom product images allow you to upload your own graphics, including those with bespoke background colors and art direction, to help convey your brand and product story.

One image for all creative sizes: When using a custom image, your ad can still serve in up to 12,000 different size variations wherever they spend time. You only need to upload one rectangular image, which you can also crop into a second square image.

Reuse across sponsored ads: You may apply the custom image you used for other sponsored ads programs to the Sponsored Display custom image creatives and vice versa. Note that the image will still be reviewed against moderation policies for Sponsored Display.

Availability: This custom image creative feature is available in CA, DE, ES, FR, IT, IN, JP, UAE, UK, and US.

Why use custom product image creatives?

Tell your story while driving performance. Custom images can help tell your story while serving ads wherever they spend time in your own visual language. You still benefit from existing elements in the creative that help drive performance, such as star rating, product titles, pricing, and a "Shop now" call to action.

What do custom product images look like?

Example of custom product image
Example of custom product image
Example of custom product image

Examples of custom product images in size 415 x 125, 320 x 125, and 300 x 250 respectively

When should you use custom product images?

Create product awareness:

When advertising to audiences unfamiliar with your product, custom image creatives can help shoppers learn about your brand and product story.

Drive traffic:

Use custom image creatives to help shoppers get excited about your brand and product experience. If you have insights on creative that helps drive traffic or engagement outside on social, you can use that creative for your Amazon advertising efforts. Ads will still link directly to your product detail pages, so audiences can learn more about your product and even consider purchasing.