New advertiser success guide

Your step-by-step guide to getting started with Sponsored Products.

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Before you start advertising

Here's the first step you must take to get ready to advertise.

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Chapter 1

Check eligibility requirements

To advertise, you must have an active professional seller or vendor account and have products in one or more of the eligible categories. At this time, we do not support adult products, used products, refurbished products, and products in closed categories.

Your products must also be eligible for the featured offer. The featured offer is the offer displayed on a product detail page with an Add to Cart or Buy Now button. A key feature of the Amazon website is that multiple sellers can offer the same product, so you may be one of many sellers who are considered for the featured offer placement.

For additional information on how to increase your chances of winning the featured offer, check our help page here.

Please note, products and features may not be available in all marketplaces.

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Define your goals

Before you create your first campaign, know what you want to accomplish.

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Chapter 2

Before you create your first campaign, it’s important to know what business goals you want to accomplish through advertising. Establishing your goals up front will help you choose which products to advertise, decide how to structure your campaigns, and better analyze performance.

Consider if you’re trying to:

  • Increase brand or product visibility
  • Generate traffic to your product detail page
  • Improve sales performance
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quoteUpBefore you start doing any advertising, it's really important to set a goal. Whether your goal is growth and awareness, sales, customer retention and loyalty.quoteDown
— Sara Davis, Netrush

Are you trying to...

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Drive sales of a new product?

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Product detail page

Generate traffic to your product detail pages?

Brand visibility

Increase brand visibility?

Determine what products to advertise

Choose products that can help you meet your goals.

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Chapter 3

Advertise the right products for your brand

Choose products that can help you meet your goals, grouping similar products together. Make sure to take into account product pricing and availability when deciding what to advertise. Here’s a helpful tip: if your products aren’t presenting the featured offer or are out of stock, your ad will not display.

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Make sure they’re winning the featured offer at the highest rate—ideally 90% or higher. If you are a seller, you can check your featured offer rate under the ‘Reports’ tab in Seller Central. Click on ‘Business Reports,’ and under the section labeled ‘By ASIN,’ click on ‘Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item’. Here, you can sort by ‘featured offer percentage’ to find your best-performing ASINs.

It’s best to look for a high featured offer percentage paired with a high number of sessions to the product detail page. These are your most frequently viewed ASINs.

Your product must be in stock and priced competitively in order to present the featured offer, so take into account product pricing and availability when deciding on items to advertise. If your products aren’t presenting the featured offer or are out of stock, your ad will not display.

Audit your product detail pages

Checking your product detail pages for retail readiness.

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Chapter 4

Make sure their product detail pages are ready

Remember that shoppers who click your ad will be taken to your product detail page, and a strong product detail page can help convert the click into a sale. Check your product detail pages.

Do they have…

  • Accurate, descriptive titles?
  • High-quality images?
  • Relevant and useful product information?
  • At least 5 bullet points?
  • Relevant product description?
  • Contain search terms metadata?
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Understand Sponsored Products

Help customers discover and purchase products that you sell on Amazon

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Chapter 5

Simply put, these ads let you promote individual listings to shoppers as they’re browsing and discovering items to buy on Amazon. Launch your first ad in minutes with no previous experience needed.

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You pay only when your ad is clicked.

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You target ads by keywords or products.

Monitor showing ads in shopping results

Ads appear in shopping results and on product detail pages.

quoteUpWhen you want to showcase a new product, you put it where consumers can easily see it. Sponsored Products is like being in the front of the store.quoteDown
— William Land, Founder, Empire Case

Create your first campaign

How to get started creating Sponsored Products campaigns.

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Chapter 6

Ready to create your Sponsored Products campaign?

For sellers: Start by going to the Advertising tab in Seller Central and selecting ‘Campaign Manager,’ then click the ‘Create campaign’ button.

For vendors: Go to the advertising console and select ‘Register,’ then choose one of the vendor account options to log in. Next, click the ‘Create campaign’ button, and choose Sponsored Products.

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Next, click the ‘Create campaign’ button, choose Sponsored Products, and follow these steps to launch your campaign in minutes.

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1. Pick your products

Help create demand for new items or give your bestsellers an extra lift.
Group similar items and make sure they’re priced competitively enough to present the featured offer.

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2. Give your campaign a name

Keep it straightforward, so you can find it easily later.

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3. Set the budget you want

Just $10 a day can help you get clicks and sales.


4. Choose your duration

We recommend running your campaign immediately to start generating traffic. To boost sales on Amazon year-round, set your campaign with no end date.

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5. Select your targeting type

Pick automatic targeting to target relevant keywords and products.


6. Choose your bid and launch

Select how much to spend per click, and you're ready to launch your campaign.

Need more help? Register for one of our webinars to learn from Sponsored Products specialists or view additional video resources in Seller University or on our YouTube channel.

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New advertiser success guide