Lockscreen ads:
A guide for book advertisers

Lockscreen ads1 allow you to promote your eBooks directly to the customers most likely to buy them. Engage readers with interest-targeted ads (i.e., target by genre) while they’re on their Kindle E-readers and Fire tablets, making it easy for them to buy and download your titles.

1 Lockscreen ads are only available in the US.

Promote your book with Lockscreen ads

  • Reach readers interested in eBooks like yours.
  • Use custom text to give a peek into your book and prompt greater sales.
  • See dedicated reporting by device.
  • Set your own bids and budgets. You’ll only pay when readers tap your ad.

How your ads may appear on Amazon devices:

Full-screen ad on locked Kindle E-readers

Full-screen ad on locked Kindle E-reader

Banner ad on the Kindle E-reader homepage

Home screen ad on Kindle E-reader

Full-screen ad on Amazon Fire Tablet in full-color display

Full-screen ad on Amazon Fire tablet in full-color display

When readers tap your ad, they are sent to your book’s detail page, where they can easily purchase and download your title.2

2 Readers with a connected device are directed to the eBook’s detail page. Readers with off-line devices are directed to a landing page.

How to get started with Lockscreen ads

  1. Sign in to the advertising console.
  2. Click "create campaign" and select “Lockscreen ads.”
  3. Add your campaign name, date range, budget, and pacing.
  4. Choose which of your eBooks you want to promote.
  5. Select the relevant genres or subgenres you’d like to target.
  6. Set your cost-per-click bid.
  7. Write custom text that entices readers.
  8. Preview and submit your campaign for review.

Lockscreen ads best practices

  • Target genres that complement your title.
  • Make sure your ad copy is relevant to your targeting (don’t forget to spellcheck).
  • Ensure your ad and book content meets the Book Advertising Guidelines and Acceptance Policies.
  • Understand that impression and click metrics may be delayed as some devices may not always connect with the Internet. Impressions, clicks, and sales within the last 14 days are updated when the device reconnects to the Internet. Kindle E-readers track clicks made offline.