How livestreaming can help improve your Prime Day experience

Prime Day highlights all of the things that makes livestreaming great for customers: deal discovery, product demonstrations, celebrity and influencer curations, and active chat discussions. Starting in 2017, we produced our own Amazon Live stream, Prime Day Live, featuring everything from small businesses to “Only on Amazon” finds. Through this all-day livestream, customers saw the day’s top deals in action as Amazon Live provides in-home stress tests, game shows, new deal reveals, and special appearances from celebrities (in prior years we’ve had Demi Lovato and Ciara) as they celebrate Amazon’s biggest shopping day. Here’s how livestreaming can help you achieve success during Prime Day, too.

Why is livestreaming great for customers?

Livestreaming is a unique, interactive shoppable video experience helping customers discover the best deals and new products from businesses large and small. The experience features product demos and stress tests in a fun and entertaining way, while helping customers gather the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. The shopping carousel allows for a seamless shopping experience and the interactive chat offers an opportunity for customers to ask questions and create a community with other shoppers who are fans of the influencers or hosts.

Amazon Live

Why is livestreaming great for brands?

Brands can streamline the path from inspiration to purchase by incorporating live commerce into their influencer marketing and online retail strategies. Livestream video allows brands to simultaneously share their brand story and interact directly with customers, answering their questions and giving them the information they need to feel empowered to purchase. Customers can shop as they watch from the interactive carousel that updates in real time as hosts interact with the products. Our Amazon-produced content features notable celebrities, influencers, and tastemakers who can lend credibility to branded segments, and we also supply distribution and reporting metrics to participating brands. Starting in 2021, we begun providing brands the opportunity to partner with influencers on livestream content to authentically engage their community of shoppers on Amazon.

Especially on Prime Day, Amazon Live offers brands the chance to amplify visibility of their deals while putting their unique brand stories front and center during Amazon’s biggest shopping event of the year. In 2020, the entirety of Prime Day was produced remotely, and our hosts and influencers interacted with products in their homes. We saw hosts’ closets transformed by top fashion brands, watched their real living rooms cleaned by the latest smart vacuums, and even traveled to an LA auto body shop to see cars detailed and shined in real time. Those authentic, real-life stories and demonstrations are continuing through this year too.

What makes a great livestream?

Here are some tips for brands that are going to stream:

Customer experience

Be authentic

People are watching to learn, to escape, to have an enjoyable stream full of unique ideas. It's easier to be sold something from a friend than it is to be sold something from a salesperson.


Start with the basics

Begin with products you know and feel comfortable with and that are easy for you to talk.


Repeat key points to your viewers

Viewers can join at any time during your stream, so it’s important to reiterate key points that they might have missed.

social engagment

Remember to have fun

It’s a friendly space, so be sure to engage with your viewers through the chat and make them feel welcomed, build a relationship with them, and encourage them to come back.

Want to learn more about Amazon Live?

Tune in to our livestreams on To find out about Amazon Live as an advertising solution for Prime Day, the holidays, or anytime in between, contact your Amazon Ads account executive.