Launching new products and ASINs with Amazon Ads

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Amazon Ads’ flexible advertising solutions enable advertisers to connect new products and brands with audiences. Want to get best practices for starting an advertising campaign with optimization and insights? Learn from our guide on new product advertising.

Newly launched products see an average increase of 248% in glance views, 123% in sales, and 122% in units ordered after being added to a Sponsored Products campaign, prior to the campaign launch.1

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Learn and explore together

Get more guidance on ad creation best practices from start to finish through the learning console. Registering for the learning console is easy and free.

Chapter 1: Market trends advertisers should know before launching a new product

Understand consumer trends, marketplaces and analyze product strengths and weaknesses. What plan should advertisers make to help reach relevant audiences before launching new products?

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Why launch new products in Amazon's store?

Amazon has hundreds of millions of active customer accounts worldwide3 and more than 200 million paid Prime members worldwide.4

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Understand customers’ shopping habits in the Amazon's store

Insights show that Amazon customers can complete their purchases in a short period of time.4 As a result, customers may go from discovery to purchase of new products quickly.


Five resources for creating new products

1. The consumer journey
2. Consumer trends across different marketplaces
3. Market analysis
4. Listing analysis
5. Business growth

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Get an in-depth understanding of how to prepare for launching an advertising campaign through the learning console.

Chapter 2: Ad campaign preparation

Amazon Ads provides customer-centric advertising solutions. How should you prepare before advertising a new product? What basic knowledge do you need to create an ad campaign? This chapter will help you prepare for advertising.

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About Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads helps advertisers effectively form connections with consumers and reach relevant audiences.

Product promotion

Preparation for new product promotion

Analyzing category trends, understanding personas' audience signals, and optimizing product detail pages are essential for creating top-performing products.

Product details page

Product detail page optimization techniques

How do you create a high-quality product detail page? How do you evaluate the quality of a product detail page? Amazon Ads offers 11 best practices to help advertisers optimize detail pages.

Basic Knowledge

The basics that advertisers need to get started

Before you start advertising, you need to know the solutions offered by Amazon Ads, how to use the Amazon Ads console, and the eligibility requirements for using Sponsored Products.

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Get an in-depth understanding of preparations for launching an advertising campaign through the learning console.

Chapter 3: Starting a Sponsored Products campaign, the first step toward helping your product become a best seller

Learn practical tips for creating effective advertising campaigns, including placement, bidding strategies, budget control, and advertising grouping.



Placement is about where your ads appear in Amazon's store. The most common placement tactic by advertisers is to use keywords that customers browse for when shopping. There are other forms of placement in addition to keyword placement.

Bid setting

Bid settings

Amazon Ads uses an auction-based system that allows advertisers to place bids for their ads to display to shoppers when they shop for products in Amazon's store.

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Set a budget for your ad campaign

Advertisers can choose to set a daily budget or campaign budget, and make adjustments to adapt to their needs, in order to effectively balance ad cost and performance results.

Ads in ad groups

How do I set up ads in ad groups?

Understand the relationship between ad portfolios, ad groups, and campaigns.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products diagnostic tool

Advertisers can now self-service troubleshooting for ads and campaigns easily with the Diagnostics tool, helping to easily resolve issues that affect advertising performance.

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Learn more about launching a Sponsored Products campaign through the learning console.

Chapter 4: Optimization best practices after launching your first Sponsored Products campaign

Through this chapter, advertisers will learn how to analyze and measure advertising performance after launching an advertising campaign by using campaign metrics, as well as how to perform targeted optimization.

Advertising goals

Set advertising goals

Advertisers can set advertising goals for products according to the product lifecycle, including the start-up period, acceleration period, and 90-day maturity period.

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Promote your new products through advertising

When promoting new products, advertisers can bring traffic and accumulate keywords for new products through automatic product targeting, and reach more relevant audiences through manual and negative product targeting and continuous optimization of advertising campaigns.

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Optimize your Sponsored Products campaign

Advertisers can optimize campaign performance through placement, bidding, budget, and more, and can generate traffic for campaigns with promotional activities.

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Make full use of ad reports

Learn about the key metrics in advertising reports and how to find and effectively use Sponsored Products ad reports.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products campaign for new products

Amazon Ads conducted extensive research on more than 300,000 new products in a variety of categories, and provided insights and advice on the differences between top-performing ASINs and low-performing ASINs.

Chapter 5: Becoming a brand owner on Amazon to unlock more possibilities

Becoming a brand owner will unlock more advertising tools and more opportunities. In this chapter, advertisers will learn how to become a brand owner and unlock more possibilities for new products.

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Register as a brand owner on Amazon

Consumers can quickly recall and repurchase branded products. In this way, brand owners can win more return customers, further deepening their connection to the brand and products.

Advertising tools

Advertising solutions brand owners can access

Reach consumers through different dimensions and enhance the brand shopping experience with advertising solutions such as Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Stores.

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Learn more about brand tools

Brand owners have more tools to help brands grow and measure brand performance through Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA), Amazon Attribution, and Brand Metrics (beta).

High-value actions

Brand owners' high-value actions

Lay a good foundation for your brand, build brand awareness, and encourage customers’ buying intentions with these advertising strategies. Learn best practices to help advertisers achieve better performance.

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Learn how brand tools help promote new products through the learning console.

Chapter 6: Learn more advanced skills to become an experienced advertiser

Advanced advertising skills include categorizing products through the ASIN matrix, three-stage advertising during peak season, multi-site advertising planning, best practices in different industries, and advertising strategies in two major logistics models.

ASIN matrix

ASIN matrix

Advertisers will be able to categorize all active products by using the ASIN matrix and find corresponding advertising solutions.

Advertising approach for peak season

3-phase advertising approach for peak season

There are two peak traffic periods in a year that advertisers need to master, namely Prime Day and the year-end Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Peak season strategies can help promote sales growth.

Multiple marketplaces

Launch advertising campaign for multiple marketplaces

After learning about the different Amazon Ads solutions and laying the foundation in your first marketplace, advertisers can accelerate sales in different marketplaces through advertising.

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Business opportunities in popular industries

Based on insights and analysis of popular industries, Amazon Ads conducted in-depth research on advertisers in the household goods and footwear categories, and extracted best practices for advertisers.

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Advertising strategies for different logistics solutions

Learn about two logistics models, “Merchant Fulfillment Network (MFN) ad breakthrough” and “How to clear inventory through advertising.”

Two studies on Sponsored Products promotion for new products

Our research helps advertisers succeed by providing insight into the behavioral differences between ASINs with good performance and ASINs with poor performance within 90 days of a new product launch, and providing recommendations to advertisers based on the findings.

1. Large-scale study of 300,000 new products worldwide

Key action recommendations for new ASINs with good performance 90 days after launch:


Effective use of an advertising budget


Comprehensive use of multiple placement strategies


Create custom Sponsored Products campaigns for new ASINs

Compared with lower-performing ASINs, ASINs with higher performance on average have:

7.8x higher impressions

Higher impressions

2.1x higher click-through rate

Higher click-through rate

3.8x higher retail unit growth

Higher retail unit growth4

2. Large-scale study of 3,200 household goods advertisers worldwide

Key steps taken by top-performing advertisers 90 days before the launch of a new product—increasing impressions, clicks, and ad-attributed sales.


Increase the daily budget for your advertising campaign


Increase bids to increase campaign competitiveness


Set bids for different advertisement placements


Add at least 5 negative keywords to your advertising campaign

For different advertising purposes, advertisers can also take the following actions to achieve specific goals:

For the purpose of increasing impressions

Use dynamic bidding - down-only bid strategies

Use broad match keywords and add more than 7 keywords

For the purpose of increasing clicks

Use dynamic bidding - up and down bid strategies

Use exact match keywords and add more than 4 keywords

For the purpose of increasing ad-attributed sales

Use dynamic bidding - up-and-down bid strategies

Use exact match keywords and add more than 6 keywords

Use product placement to target specific products

New product promotion

Amazon Ads is all about helping brands reach the right audiences in the right places in a way that enhances the shopping experieince. Our robust insights, expansive portfolio of properties, and comprehensive advertising solutions can help advertisers engage and form relationships with customers.

1 Amazon internal data, WW advertisers, 2021/1/1-2022/3/31, based on campaigns run within 30-90 days post-product launch
2 eMarketer Global E-Commerce Sales Growth, Global Consumers, August 2021
3 Amazon, Q1 2022. Active customer accounts represent accounts that have placed an order during the preceding 12-month period.
4 Amazon internal data, WW advertisers, 2021