A complete guide to Sponsored Display on Twitch

Twitch is an interactive livestreaming service and global community where millions come together every day to create live, unpredictable experiences. These viewers are highly engaged, with 62% of viewers interacting with esports and gaming personalities daily1. To help brands better engage audiences in these important entertainment contexts, Sponsored Display is expanding to serve ads where audiences come to spend their time on Twitch—on channels, during a creator’s livestream.

Twitch channels are where viewers go to watch their favorite creator’s livestreams and chat with them in real time. Now, advertisers can use Sponsored Display audiences based on shopping and streaming signals, including custom built audiences (e.g. views and purchases remarketing) and Amazon audiences, to engage relevant Twitch viewers on these channels, in addition to the Browse tab and directory pages on Twitch. Display ads during the livestream are integrated seamlessly and serve in prominent, above-the-fold placements, allowing brands to help reach audiences without disrupting the streaming experience. All advertisers can leverage this easy-to-use, self-service feature to help tell their story. Just like any other Sponsored Display campaign, ads serving on Twitch support Sponsored Display’s creative customization capabilities including headlines, logos, and custom images. Additionally, advertisers can still bring their unique insights to their campaigns serving on Twitch by leveraging refinements such as brand, price, star rating, and Prime eligibility.

When should you use Sponsored Display on Twitch?

Build your brand with existing audiences

Reach existing audiences who have viewed or purchased from your brand in new entertainment contexts like Twitch. By complementing your existing Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns with Sponsored Display, you can help better engage audiences throughout their shopping journey. Advertisers with a balanced investment across all three products and at least 7% of their investment in Sponsored Display have seen up to +15% YoY sales and better return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to those only using Sponsored Products2. As you think about engaging existing audiences in new contexts, we recommend leveraging our custom image creatives. If your goal is to increase detail page view rates, these creatives outperform autogenerated creatives by +30% when serving outside Amazon’s store3.

Discover new audiences

Help discover new audiences in other parts of their shopping journey by reaching audiences who have viewed or purchased in or out of the aisle as well as across our pre-built Amazon audiences. Advertisers who use Sponsored Display audiences, on average, are seeing up to 82% of their sales driven by new-to-brand customers4. As you launch new products or seek to improve the visibility of existing products, we recommend using headlines, logos or custom images to help you stand out. Dynamic badging, such as deals badges, also allows you to also augment markdowns and leverage high-traffic promotional periods to help engage new audiences.

Where do these ads serve on Twitch?

Ad shown during a creator’s livestream

Ad shown during a creator’s livestream

Browse tab ad

Browse tab ad

Key features

  • Help reach highly engaged audiences with ads on prominent, above-the-fold Twitch placements
  • Help build your brand with relevant audiences using Sponsored Display’s custom-built audiences as well as curated Amazon audiences such as lifestyle, interest, and in-market audiences
  • Customize creatives using headlines, brand logos, or custom images
  • Select one or multiple products to advertise

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