Coffee advertising

Coffee advertising is the process of creating campaigns and ads for coffee products, beverages, and accessories. A successful marketing strategy for coffee advertising can help reach more customers and deliver your coffee brand messaging.

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What is coffee advertising?

Coffee advertising is the process of marketing your coffee products or accessories to your audience. It includes a wide variety of types of advertising formats, ranging from unique packaging to video ads to interactive advertising. Coffee is ubiquitous in many households across the globe, and coffee advertising has existed for hundreds of years.1

It may seem easy to market a product that is a staple in so many households, but there are several things to do to help your java marketing stand out. If you don’t know where to start, here are tips, techniques, and examples to help improve your coffee business.

Why is coffee marketing important?

Coffee marketing is important because it’s a huge industry globally. In 2023, the coffee market had a global revenue of $88.3 billion, which is expected to increase annually by 4.61%.2

Since it’s a thriving industry, there’s also plenty of opportunity for a coffee brand revitalization strategy, to rework or rebrand your coffee company for a different audience. There are many options for your coffee marketing strategy, whether you want to focus on reliable affordability or gourmet exclusivity, for example. Your beverages could be focused on convenience and accessibility of a caffeine rush, for example, or they could provide an Instagram-worthy opportunity to highlight your brand aesthetic and encourage social media promotion. Photos of creative latte art can become an opportunity to amplify user-generated content beyond social media.

Coffee and Flowers

How do you market coffee?

You can market coffee in a variety of ways, since the industry could include small-business marketing, chain store and franchise marketing; or corporate branding. Your branding is how you display your products and brand messaging. Your strategy is the process of displaying and communicating that image and messaging to your customers.

While a corporate branding strategy may implement campaigns highlighting necessity or urgency around their products, for example, a small business like a local coffee shop could instead focus on credibility and authenticity. Think about what you’re communicating to your customers: Should they come to your shop for a caffeine jolt, or are you encouraging them to be an at-home barista? For niche products within the industry, strategies to encourage repeat visitors could include discounts, memberships, or benefits for returning customers. Buy-one-get-one deals or promotions during holidays and seasonal events are also opportune moments to expand your coffee brand.

You also could consider highlighting the sustainable benefits of your brand. Sustainable marketing in the grocery industry includes products that are recyclable, reusable, or environmentally safe. It’s a worthwhile cause according to customers, too: The number of global consumers who said they seek out brands that are sustainable in their business practices is up 6% compared to 2022.3

Coffee advertising statistics and trends

In a recent study of the coffee consumables category on Amazon U.K., we found several takeaways that are useful for advertisers in the industry. We found that the primary time for new customers to enter the coffee category was in November and December. Consider the seasonality of the regions where you’re running ads or coffee commercials. Are the winter months better suited to a hot cup of coffee, or are they in a locale with a warmer climate, where a cold beverage might be better suited, for example?

Also, out of all new customers in the category, the majority purchased from the subcategory of coffee syrups and creamers, followed by coffee capsules, then instant coffee, and finally, coffee beans.4 When thinking about your advertising campaigns and coffee drinks, think of the accessories as well. There are many different roasting options for coffee beans, at-home brewing devices, or flavors you could introduce to continuously invigorate your customers.

How to create effective coffee ads

To create effective coffee ads, we have five beverage marketing tips, based on insights from Amazon DSP static ads and design elements from 26,000 creative images run in the U.S.

Display your goods

1. Display your goods

First, showcase the products themselves, rather than humans, in your ad imagery. This could include cups of java, add-ins like sugar and cream, or devices for brewing coffee drinks.

Select the right words

2. Select the right words

Using the word new in the ad’s text was found to be beneficial; however, having the word taste in advertisements is discouraged.

Consider offering discounts

3. Consider offering discounts

Using discount messaging such as “Sale” or “Save XX%” in your campaigns for a cup of coffee could improve their performance.

Consider the number of objects

4. Consider the number of objects

In beverage ads, creatives with a high number of objects (nine or more) performed better than those with five or fewer objects. Similarly, as any coffee aficionado will tell you, one cup is never enough.

Try to keep it bright

5. Try to keep it bright

Ads that were brightly lit, with both a bright background and foreground (including both images and text), outperformed ads that had both a dark background and foreground.

Examples of coffee ads

Case Study

Lavazza, an Italian coffee company, has a focus on more-sustainable products and combating climate change. With Amazon Ads, they created a documentary to tell the heartwarming story of a Colombian coffee farmer named Johana.

Forest and river

Case Study

Food company Four Sigmatic upgraded the ingredients in their coffee and other products with the wellness of their customers in mind. With the help of Streaming TV ads, they were able to reach new audiences and improve their brand awareness.


Case Study

Family-run company Caffè Vergnano in Italy created a Brand Store and used other ads products to expand their reach to other countries in the U.K. Their coffee is now sold in Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.

Man and a woman

Case Study

Nestlé Coffee Partners (NCP) worked with Spark Foundry, a global agency brand within Publicis Media, to identify key customer touchpoints. Spark Foundry used Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to help NCP’s Starbucks Coffee at Home uncover new-to-brand sales opportunities.

Starbucks coffee

Case Study

Nespresso has been leveraging self-service Amazon Ads solutions like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. When Nespresso wanted to design a destination for shoppers that helped create a tangible experience of their brand vision and products, they created a Brand Store.

Nespresso machine

If you have limited experience, contact us to request services managed by Amazon Ads. Budget minimums apply.

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