2 ways to build a better insights framework with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a holistic measurement and analytics solution currently in beta for eligible advertisers. AMC gives advertisers more transparency and flexibility in understanding how their marketing performs across media channels.

One common question we hear from our advertising partners using AMC is: how do we structure our insights to drive the outcomes we want for our business?

We highlighted some best practices from Crystal Astrachan, Senior Product Manager of Advertising Analytics for Amazon Marketing Cloud, to help advertisers build a better insights framework today.

1. Understand what signals are available for querying, then build the business case for your insight(s)

Amazon Marketing Cloud uses signals from advertisers’ Amazon Ads campaigns, such as ad impressions, ad clicks, and ad-attributed conversions. Before you start using AMC or any new signals, it’s a best practice to start by understanding what information is available for querying. Then, formulate the business question(s) you want to answer and plan your insight discovery process.

If you have access to the Amazon Marketing Cloud UI, you can download the signals catalog from the query editor. If you do not have access to the Amazon Marketing Cloud UI yet, advertisers with an Amazon DSP account can access the documentation here.

Dowload link in query editor

2. Share your framework with partner teams ahead of insights development

Depending on your organization, you may have to work across multiple teams. Since Amazon Marketing Cloud requires an analytics expert to run queries, they may not have the level of business context that you as a brand manager or digital media strategy lead may have—so it’s best to help them understand why you need this insight and share this framework before they build the insight. This ensures that they can help you structure the queries in AMC to best suit your business needs. For example, what campaigns are you looking at, what metrics or dimensions do you need, and what will this insight be utilized for (e.g., to drive greater media efficiency, to optimize media campaigns)?

For more details on putting insights like these in action, contact your Amazon Ads account executive today.