6 tactics to help build customer loyalty

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When customers purchase from your brand, you have the opportunity to start building a long-term relationship with them. It’s important to make the most of this moment in the shopping journey, and that you take the time to invest in your customers to help build loyalty.

Customer loyalty describes an ongoing relationship between your brand and your customers. Loyal customers have a higher propensity to engage with your brand on an ongoing basis, repeatedly purchase from you, and recommend your business to others.

Amazon Ads has a range of free and paid self-service solutions ready to help you build customer loyalty in various ways. This guide introduces you to three different suggested strategies and the steps you can take to create lasting connections with your customers:

Strategy 1: Methods to grow brand loyalty

Engaging customers in your brand’s story and values helps drive meaningful connections, going beyond a generic transactional relationship they may be used to from other brands. This can help your brand stand out, increase the amount of positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, and drive retention.

We recommend the following two tactics to help you grow brand loyalty:

Create and optimize your Store

Customers are curious to learn more about the brands that they shop from. Stores1 are branded shopping destinations on Amazon where you can curate content that inspires, educates, and helps shoppers discover your brand and entire product selection. We offer a range of templates and tiles to help you build your Store and create a multipage, branded shopping experience. We recommend that you include the following four features to help you connect your customers with your brand:

  • Establish a simple, yet effective, shopping experience by organizing your content and grouping your products in the most customer-minded way using subpages. This can help your customers explore your product offerings more easily and encourage higher shopper dwell time.
  • Create an “About Us” subpage to share more about your brand, such as your history, vision, mission, and values, to help build emotional connections with shoppers.
  • Use a background video on a page to make a bold visual statement about your brand. Your video will auto-play and loop silently for visitors.
  • Capture multiple shots from your brand with the gallery tile—this supports between three to eight images that are at least 1500 x 750 pixels.

Brands with a Store during Prime Day 2021 compared with brands without a Store saw2:

31x more repeat purchases (in 60 days)

More repeat purchases (in 60 days)

18x more new-to-brand purchases

More new-to-brand purchases

19x more units sold

More units sold

19x more orders

More orders

8x more sales

More sales

Run promotions

Customers actively look for the best deals on Amazon, especially during peak shopping seasons and Amazon events. Running promotions (coupons and deals) can increase the intention to purchase, and help encourage positive product reviews and repeat purchases.

There are three types of promotions:

  • Lightning Deals: A price discount promotion that is featured for several hours as a flash sale on the Amazon deals page. Lightning Deals are often featured on the Amazon deals page, one of the most visited pages on Amazon.
  • 7-Day Deals: A price discount promotion that features on the Amazon deals page for seven days that can be used to drive traffic to your entire catalog, create awareness across one or several brands, and feature products on the deals page for a longer duration.
  • Coupons: A price discount merchandised on the product detail page and on the Amazon vouchers page. Customers simply click on a voucher to add it to their basket.

Strategy 2: Ways to build brand engagement

Communicating with customers on a frequent basis makes them feel special, helps keep your products top of mind, and deepens the emotional connection they have with your brand. Nurture the relationships you have with your customers by continuously engaging them with your brand, even when they’re not actively looking to purchase from you.

Here are two ways you can do this with Amazon Ads:

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Keep customers engaged with Posts

Posts1 help you nurture the relationships you have with your customers and keep your brand top of mind. Customers can explore posts within your Store, as well as on your product detail pages and relevant feeds, helping them discover more of your products and see what’s new from your brand. You can use Posts to share your branded lifestyle content at no cost, as often as you’d like.

Sponsored Brands

Launch a Sponsored Brands campaign and link to your Store

Sponsored Brands are customizable cost-per-click ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products—there are several ad formats with customizable features available for you to choose from. With both the product collection and Store spotlight ad formats, you can link your Sponsored Brands campaign to your Store. By linking your Sponsored Brands ad to your Store, you are keeping your customers engaged and providing them with opportunities to find additional products in your catalog that they may be interested in.

Strategy 3: Tactics to drive repeat purchases

Repeat purchases are those made by customers who buy from your brand time and time again. Encouraging customers to continuously buy your products can help increase the rate your business is growing. Loyal customers are more likely to purchase more often from brands they already know and trust. As a result, connecting with them to help drive sales is just as important as trying to acquire new shoppers. Reengaging existing customers and keeping shoppers up-to-date with your product offerings and deals are two ways you can encourage repeat purchases.

Try these two tactics to help drive retention:

Create Sponsored Display campaigns

Sponsored Display can help you reach relevant audiences wherever they spend time, giving you an opportunity to reengage shoppers at different moments in the customer journey. There are two targeting options: contextual targeting and audiences. We recommend trying these different options:

  • Encourage repeat purchases by creating a Sponsored Display audiences campaign using the “purchases remarketing” tactic. You can remarket to previous shoppers of their own products, related products, as well as products from specific categories.
  • Create a Sponsored Display audiences campaign using the views remarketing tactic to reengage shoppers and help increase awareness of your new product launches.
  • Create a Sponsored Display contextual targeting campaign, targeting both specific products and categories, to encourage cross-selling.

On average, advertisers who use both Sponsored Display contextual targeting and Sponsored Display audiences purchases remarketing have a 28% higher return on ad spend (ROAS) and a 5% higher conversion rate, compared to those who use only one tactic.3

Advertisers using both Sponsored Display contextual targeting and Sponsored Display audiences purchases remarketing saw3:

28% higher return on ad spend (ROAS)

Higher return on ad spend (ROAS)

5% higher conversion rate

Higher conversion rate

Offer Subscribe and Save discounts

Customers can set up regularly scheduled deliveries and earn savings with Subscribe and Save. When customers make repeat purchases from the same brand, they may become more familiar with it, which in turn may lead to new purchases and generate brand loyalty. Customers engage with the Subscribe and Save program because it offers discounts on regularly scheduled deliveries of everyday essential items that meet their wants, needs, and lifestyle.

1 This feature is available to professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry process.
2 Amazon internal data, CN-based seller, multiple locals, June 7, 2021­July 6, 2021
3 Amazon internal data, WW, January 2022­March 2022