Which audio ad length is right for your campaign?

Woman in relaxed pose with smart speaker

Why is ad length a relevant factor to consider?

The interconnection of audio and smart speakers is increasingly becoming a part of customers’ everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. Users engage with multiple smart devices to consume content and utilize voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa or Siri, as a functional and convenient way to complete daily tasks or functions.

According to an Edison Infinite Dial report, smart speaker ownership grew 50% year over year in 2021.1

quoteUpThe growth in purchases of connected TVs and smart speakers means that consumers are spending more time interacting with these devices than ever before.quoteDown
— Kendra Tal, Senior Partner Manager at Amazon Ads

Tapping into this screen-less inventory allows brands to expand their reach and tell their story in a unique and efficient way. it’s important to ensure the right story is being told to the right audience, and in the right way. The messaging, creative, context, and length of an audio ad are all key factors to consider to ensure an audio ad resonates with your audience. The reason? Audio consumers are tuned in. In a recent study, 38% of Amazon Alexa users on connected devices said they paid the most attention to ads while consuming content on a smart device.2

Amazon Ads conducted an analysis of 276 audio ad campaigns that ran between October 2019 and December 2021 to understand how the length of an audio ad can impact campaign performance. The analysis includes third-party insights from Brand Lift studies performed by Kantar, as well as Amazon Ads’ own insights. Consider these insight-based recommendations when creating or optimizing your audio ad campaign.

Methodology and measurement

Amazon audio ads can run between 10 to 30 seconds. We separated the Amazon audio ads into two groups (10-20 seconds long versus 21-30 seconds long) and analyzed the impact audio length had on upper-funnel metrics, measured by ad recall and reported brand favorability, and mid-funnel metrics, measured by reported consideration and product detail page views on Amazon.

Shorter ad lengths can help drive upper-funnel goals3

Shorter (10-20 second) audio ads saw an increase in average ad recall of 75% versus longer (21-30 second) ad lengths.4
In addition, shorter ads had 71% greater average brand favorability versus longer ad lengths.
Based on these insights, consider running shorter audio ads of 20 seconds or less in length if your audio ad campaign has upper-funnel goals.

graph visualizing 75% increase in average ad recall

Shorter audio ads saw an increase in average ad recall of 75%

graph visualizing 71% increase in average brand favorability

Shorter audio ads had 71% greater average brand favorability

Longer ad lengths help drive mid-funnel goals5

On average, mid-funnel metrics such as consideration performed better with longer ad lengths. Audio ads of 20 seconds or longer generated average detail page view rates 86% greater than shorter ads.6 In addition, reported lift in consideration from third-party brand lift studies was also 17% higher for campaigns with longer ad lengths (21-30 seconds).7 Based on these insights, consider a longer audio ad if you have mid-funnel goals for your campaign.

graph visualizing 86% increase in average DPVR

Longer audio ads had 86% greater average detail page view rates

graph visualizing 17% increase in average consideration

Longer audio ads saw an increase in average consideration of 17%

Choosing the right ad length is just the start of ways you can improve and optimize your audio campaign. Take a look at Purina’s interactive audio marketing strategy that leveraged a custom voice landing page with an Alexa command to create a fun, interactive experience for pet owners. Purina is one of many advertisers who have developed a creative and interactive Amazon audio ad experience with an Alexa voice command to effectively connect with audiences in new ways.

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