Using multiple ad types together to help drive brand growth

How complementing your Sponsored Products campaigns with Sponsored Brands ads can amplify your reach.

It’s time to evolve your advertising strategy

Amazon Ads offers a range of free and paid solutions to help you create a holistic advertising strategy and achieve your business goals. By using multiple ad types, you have the opportunity to reach more shoppers, make your brand stand out, build engagement, and potentially drive more sales.

Sponsored Products campaigns help you showcase your individual products so shoppers can find them more quickly when browsing on Amazon. For many customers, they also want to discover the brand behind the product. You can connect shoppers with your brand, and build lasting relationships with them, with Sponsored Brands.

Here are four benefits of using Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands together:


In comparison to advertisers who only used Sponsored Products, advertisers who used Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products together observed a 31% higher return on advertising spend (ROAS).1

Your brand, wherever you imagine it

Help boost the discoverability of your business with multiple ad placements.

Having multiple ads displayed at the same time across different placements helps you stand out more in your product categories. Both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads are cost-per-click, keyword and product targeted, and are eligible to appear in separate, highly visible placements at the same time—those being on top of, within, and alongside shopping results, and on product detail pages.

Be in the right place, at the right time

Reach audiences where they are across Amazon.

Using Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands at the same time can help you reach more shoppers at various moments in the shopping journey, like when they’re looking to discover new brands, considering products to buy, or wanting to make a purchase. If your brand shows up and offers them the right solution in that moment, they’re more likely to click on your ad and browse through your wider product selection—a perfect opportunity for cross-selling.

Let your brand shine

Differentiate your brand from that of your peers with Sponsored Brands ads’ creative formats.

Sponsored Brands ads offer new creative options that complement Sponsored Products campaigns. Use different image- or video-based creative formats to help your brand stand out, promote more than one product in your ad creative at a time, and choose where to take shoppers when they click on your ad.

Immerse shoppers in your world

Help shoppers discover everything you have to offer with Sponsored Brands ads’ multiple landing pages.

There’s more to your business than your product detail pages, and Sponsored Brands ads give you the opportunity to showcase this. Direct shoppers to your Store or a custom landing page displaying a selection of your products to immerse shoppers in everything you have to offer. Just like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands can also drive traffic to an individual product detail and are deal-enabled, so you can use both ad types together to help shoppers discover important promotions.

Setting up your Sponsored Brands campaign

1 Amazon internal data, WW, January 1–September 20, 2022