It’s Amazon’s first Prime Early Access Sale event. Here’s how to help boost ad performance.

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The Prime Early Access Sale event is a new occasion promoting Black Friday ­caliber deals exclusively to Prime members, set to take place October 11 and 12 in 15 countries: Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the US. Similar to Prime Day, this savings event is a great way to reach and engage with Prime members before, during, and after the two days of promotions. Over 300 million items were purchased during this year’s Prime Day in July, making 2022 the biggest Prime Day in Amazon’s history.1 Given the success of this year’s Prime Day event, which sold more than 100,000 items per minute worldwide, learn how to prepare for the new Prime Early Access Sale event with these marketing tips.2

Leading up to the Prime Early Access Sale event

Shoppers begin to engage and actively browse across various product categories to discover, compare, and research new products before the start of the event, so be sure your product detail pages are updated and optimized accordingly. On the heels of this summer’s Prime Day, review Prime Day performance and identify top-selling products to better understand customer engagement for upcoming Prime deals. Lastly, build awareness in the lead-up to the event with static and video creative for new-to-brand customers, and leverage savings messaging when possible.

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1. Review Prime Day performance to identify products to promote

Start preparing for the Prime Early Access Sale event by reviewing past performance from Prime Day to identify top-selling items to promote for this high-traffic event, in hand with best-performing campaign tactics. Look for areas of opportunity from this year’s Prime Day to proactively build a full-funnel approach and maximize this new high-traffic period.

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2. Build awareness with static and video creative

Visually communicate the brand’s or product’s main value proposition or feature with static creative. Be sure to include a prominent brand logo and finish with an actionable call to action. Imagery should be high-resolution and make the product stand out. Creative with eye-catching product imagery have shown a 17% lift in click-through rate.3 Copy should be clear and concise, and encourage customers to act. Visit the creative insights repository for more audience-specific static image insights. Optimize your Amazon DSP online video (OLV) creative before the Prime Early Access Sale event by including your brand early on in video creatives. Include your logo throughout the video to encourage brand recognition. Visit the OLV guide for more Amazon DSP OLV insights.

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3. Implement savings messaging to help drive strong engagement

Highlight your exclusive Prime deals in the ad copy to boost creative performance and drive conversions. See below for an example of savings messaging vs. awareness messaging:

mock creative with learn more call to action

Awareness based messaging

mock creative featuring savings message

Savings messaging

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4. Ensure promoted products have strong detail pages

The products you promote during the Prime Early Access Sale event should have strong detail pages, to educate customers and drive conversion. Learn more about techniques to optimize your product detail pages here.

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5. Review creative guidelines and ad policies prior to the event

To avoid campaign delays during the Prime Early Access Sale, be sure to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s creative best practices and ad policies in advance. Understanding common policy blockers will support your Prime Early Access Sale setup and creative effectiveness. You can find Amazon Ads guidelines and acceptance policies across all products here. Take a look at these creative optimization tips from Prime Day 2022 here as well.

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