2021 guide to Sponsored Products best practices

If this title piqued your interest, perhaps you’re curious about adding Sponsored Products to your marketing mix, or maybe you're already a power user looking for tips to optimize your ads.

Customer-centricity is key to success, and your products need to be in the right place at the right time to so that interested customers can discover them. Now, let’s ask ourselves this: Are you reaching the right audience?

Say you’re an experienced advertiser managing all your Sponsored Products ads with manual targeting, but have recently got your products the Climate Pledge Friendly badge—it’s worth revisiting automatic targeting to reexamine the shopping terms your customers are using to find your products today. You might discover a plethora of new keywords you never imagined they’d use.

With our latest Sponsored Products best practices guide, you can explore the ways that help make your ads more customer-centric, no matter your experience level.

Best practices for your Sponsored Products ads

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products is a pay-per-click (PPC) solution that helps customers discover and purchase products that you sell on Amazon with ads that appear in shopping results and on product pages. In your full-funnel marketing strategy, it can support your mid- to lower-funnel touch points in your buyers’ journey on Amazon.

In our guide, we share our success tips to begin optimizing your ads today, including:

  • How to optimize your listings and detail pages
  • How to start using automatic targeting and its benefits
  • How to fine-tune your strategies with manual targeting
  • How to refine your audience and help improve return on ad spend (ROAS) with negative targeting
  • How to manage your budgets and bids
  • How to measure your ad performance and optimize using reports
  • Experts’ answers to the commonly asked questions
  • How to expand opportunities beyond Sponsored Products