Using Amazon Marketing Cloud, Xtream helped Orolay understand cross-channel performance and optimize media mix

Orolay is an apparel brand focused on building affordable fashion with premium-quality materials, and amplifying trends by bringing customers creativity and style. Founded in 2012, Orolay gained popularity through their award-winning designs, and the brand’s products are now available in 18 countries worldwide.

Working with Amazon Ads since 2020, Orolay leveraged a combined strategy of Amazon DSP and Sponsored Products to promote their jackets in the Amazon store. They wanted to learn more about the customer journey and path to conversion across multiple devices and inventory sources, and find out whether media efficiency could be improved by fine-tuning touchpoints along the way. They also wanted to better understand whether timing of ad exposure was a factor that impacted the conversion path, so they could apply learnings to optimize ad scheduling.

To help answer these questions, Orolay’s agency partner Xtream Marketing utilized Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), Amazon Ads’ advanced measurement and analytics tool. Through AMC’s privacy-safe and dedicated cloud-based clean room environment, Xtream Marketing analyzed the brand’s Sponsored Products campaigns as well as Amazon DSP campaigns with a focus on consideration and conversion. The agency also applied their proprietary modeling solution for a more in-depth study on media attribution, looking to find the optimal media combination to guide efficient budget allocation.

The agency discovered through the analysis that audiences exposed to multiple media touchpoints had a purchase rate 23x higher than those reached by Sponsored Products alone,1 indicating a combined strategy of Amazon DSP and sponsored ads could help to drive better conversion. Moreover, while standard attribution models typically award the last touchpoint the full conversion credit, insights from the custom attribution analysis in AMC revealed how upper-funnel touchpoints significantly lifted purchase intention. Specifically, the study found that audiences who were first exposed to upper-funnel tactics and then a Sponsored Products ad afterwards yielded 4x higher purchase rate compared to those reached by Sponsored Products only.2 In addition, the dayparting analysis indicated a performance downtrend after 9 p.m., presenting an opportunity to adjust campaigns’ ad scheduling strategy accordingly.

“It was a big challenge for us to attribute sales to brand marketing investment. AMC empowered cross-channel attribution in a very distinct way, helping us make more scientific decisions on brand promotion. In addition, AMC allowed us to gain valuable insights into our customers’ purchasing habits and to make more confident, insight-based media planning.”

— Felix Fu, Orolay Exclusive Director

Xtream Marketing applied the learnings gained from AMC and further refined Orolay’s overall marketing strategy. For example, based on insights from a custom attribution analysis, Xtream Marketing constructed a plan to optimize Orolay’s budget allocation across their Amazon DSP and Sponsored Products campaigns, shifting 16% of their Sponsored Products budget to Amazon DSP for Orolay’s peak season in 2022. The agency also audited the brand’s dayparting approach and adjusted their budget to better capitalize performance prior to 9PM, which helped them to achieve a 300% improvement for their DOTD (Deal of the Day) CPDPV (cost per detail page view) performance compared to last year.3 Following the implementation of their optimization strategy, Orolay observed the total new-to-brand purchase rate go up by 7%, and the overall purchase rate increased by 13.5% in Q1 2022 compared to the end of 2021.4

“We are glad that we leveraged AMC extensively in helping Orolay better understand how different advertising tactics performed and ultimately helped them accelerate business growth. We find it very powerful to combine our proprietary data science solutions and modelling capabilities with AMC’s rich signals and analytical flexibility. We look forward to exploring more insight opportunities using AMC and building more success for our clients.”

— Tony Wang, Xtream CEO

1-4 Xtream internal data, US, 2022