WOW Sports sees success through SalesDuo’s use of bulksheets

Playing for keeps

Since its inception in 2012, WOW Sports has brought innovative and fun water sports and backyard games to its Amazon customers. The brand began advertising on Amazon in 2016 to help boost brand awareness, but in May 2019, it partnered with SalesDuo to help support its Amazon Ads strategy.

SalesDuo is an online shopping agency, which helps brands grow through use of its omni-channel dashboard. The agency was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to helping clients grow their business on Amazon.

Eyes on the prize

WOW Sports enlisted SalesDuo to restructure its advertising portfolio on Amazon. The goal was to create an optimal campaign structure and product categorization at bidding and keyword levels. Since WOW Sports’ products are highly seasonal, with 80% of sales occurring during the summer months, timing was key to creating and optimizing an advertising strategy for WOW Sports.

The play-by-play

In the past, SalesDuo had used the advertising console to build advertising campaigns manually at an individual level, but as its client base began to grow, it quickly became burdensome to provide a growing number of updates for each client.

In April 2020, SalesDuo turned to Amazon Ads' bulk operations tools, more specifically, bulksheets, to manage campaigns at scale. Bulksheets is a spreadsheet-based tool that enables bulk changes to sponsored ads campaigns.

Using bulksheets gave SalesDuo the opportunity to create, manage, and optimize campaigns at scale, which saved time and manual effort. Bulksheets helped track and monitor changes at a micro-level and provided the data required to further analyze campaigns.

Through the tool, SalesDuo was also able to determine strategic bidding opportunities and add keyword- and ad group-level strategies and tracking. For WOW Sports, this included a bidding strategy for specific keywords and having the ads appear right where customers will see them on Amazon—such as the first page of shopping results—in order to increase the brand’s visibility, especially during peak summer months.

SalesDuo focused on improving visibility of the top WOW Sports products initially, and creating a halo effect for other products through a dedicated Stores page. The Stores page allowed WOW Sports to showcase unique brand offerings in an immersive shopping experience on Amazon.

A win-win

The use of bulksheets provides SalesDuo with the opportunity for more efficient business practices. Team members at Sales Duo can now manage 40-45 accounts on a weekly basis (up from 8-10 accounts prior to the use of bulksheets), which typically includes updates to around 6-7 accounts per day. The growth in employee efficiency has allowed the agency to take on multiple new customers, growing its client base by up to 500% in the last 6 months. SalesDuo estimates that use of bulk operations has reduced their campaign optimization times by up to 50%.

quoteUpFor our customers like WOW Sports, Amazon’s bulk operations tools solve an important problem for us as we are time-strapped with multiple large advertiser accounts. We started optimizing for WOW Sports using bulksheets, and have been able to reduce overall advertising cost of sales (ACOS) up to 10% while keeping the sales frequency high.quoteDown
– Saumitra Pandey, Manager - Marketing Services, SalesDuo

Thanks to SalesDuo’s strategy, WOW Sports increased its seasonal sales by over 65% and boosted brand visibility by 38% in 2020.

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