WaterWipes case study

The background

Ireland-based health and beauty company WaterWipes began working with Amazon Ads by leveraging sponsored ads search advertising solutions, reaching shoppers using keyword targeting.

To complement this and expand their customer base, they looked to add display advertising, specifically leveraging the Amazon DSP. Amazon DSP falls within the Amazon Ads portfolio of products and allows marketers to connect with their customers programmatically and at scale. This combination ultimately drove greater sales for the WaterWipes product.

The approach

WaterWipes started by launching a display campaign using the Amazon DSP and were focused on learning the holistic impact it would have on search behavior and their brand’s general health on Amazon.

As a part of the campaign with the Amazon DSP, they leveraged display ads with e-commerce creative to deliver high-performing creative to Amazon audiences—integrating the power of unique and familiar Amazon features such as customer reviews, coupon offers, Add to Cart, and Shop now.

With access to Amazon’s exclusive first-party audience segments, WaterWipes was able to reach specific in-market and lifestyle segments. For example, WaterWipes engaged customer groups who are actively shopping for baby products. Additionally, they expanded their audience reach by messaging shoppers both on and off Amazon, delivering ads across leading third-party sites and apps, and through the largest ad exchanges.

WaterWipes Dynamic eCommerce Ad

Campaign success metrics

Provided with robust performance analytics, the mix of search and display delivered powerful results for WaterWipes. The campaign resulted in a combined ROAS (return on ad spend) of £8.12 from merchandise sales on Amazon versus their goal of a £1 ROAS.

Beyond sales, WaterWipe’s brand index increased during the campaign and remained above the category index post-campaign.

Internal Amazon data (2/10/17 – 3/10/17). Note there are range of inputs that impact changes in branded search and earned media/organic exposure on Amazon. Branded Search: % change in indexed keyword searches of advertised brand or products during the campaign period (vs. pre-campaign period).
Earned media (organic retail impressions): % increase in organic impressions for the brand products during the campaign period (vs. pre-campaign period).
1. For display, ROAS is based on sales of promoted ASINs purchased; 2. For search, ROAS is based on sales of brand halo ASINs purchased.


On-Amazon success metrics

  • Generated a branded keyword search lift of 111%
  • Exceeded ROAS (return on ad spend) goals by 9x: resulted in a combined ROAS of £8.12 from merchandise sales on Amazon versus their goal of a £1 ROAS
  • Achieved £9.14 ROAS from display and £7.19 ROAS from search