Household brand Vileda uses placement targeting on to ramp up sales

The company

Over the last 60 years, German brand Vileda has become a leader in home cleaning products, with a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. Focusing its mission on sustainability and state-of-the-art technology, Vileda supplies durable and eco-friendly cleaning products like gloves, mops, brooms, ironing boards, robot vacuums, and more.

In March 2019, Vileda teamed up with Artefact Spain—a global digital and data agency that specializes in activation, consulting, and data—to boost sales of its best-performing categories and increase the overall visibility of its Amazon Ads campaigns on

The strategy

Artefact Spain used a combination of cost-per-click ad products: Sponsored Products helps Amazon advertisers gain momentum for their product offering by increasing search visibility and helping drive sales. Sponsored Brands helps brands improve discoverability and engage with customers researching on Amazon.

Key to its Sponsored Products strategy was placement targeting, in which advertisers can help differentiate their bids and view performance of ads by three placement groups: top of search (ads that appear only on the first page), rest of search (ads that appear on any search page), and product pages (ads that appear on product detail pages). By setting bids according to placement, advertisers can choose to bid more competitively for the placements they deem most valuable. For this reason, Artefact Spain increased Vileda’s bids by more than 50% on its best-performing Sponsored Products campaigns to help win more impressions and widen its reach.

For its Sponsored Brands campaigns—which Vileda has found have a high CTR (click-through-rate) and ROAS (return on advertising spend)—Artefact Spain created a list of relevant keywords using tool insights like “Recommended keywords” and tracked the higher performers using downloadable reports sourced from an Amazon Ads campaign manager.

To optimize the campaigns, Artefact Spain reviewed ROAS and ACOS (advertising cost of sales) reports weekly, adjusting bids by +/-10% each week to boost top of search performance.

quoteUpAmazon is more than just a place to sell products online—it’s a trusted resource for any internet user who wants to find products to purchase. With the help of Artefact Spain, our Amazon Ads campaigns helped us increase our market share and overall sales, while arming us with the knowledge to truly understand our category.quoteDown
– Susana Santos, Director Marketing Iberica Consumer, Vileda

The results

Artefact Spain has helped Vileda generate more than 71 million impressions across its products this year alone and has improved the brand’s overall visibility in Amazon’s robot vacuum category. Plus, as of October 2019, Artefact Spain helped Vileda achieve a 9.41% ACOS, with a 67% year-over-year increase in sales attributed to Amazon Ads.