Household brand Vileda nearly doubles sales on with Amazon Advertising

The company

Over the last 60 years, German brand Vileda—a brand of Freudenber—have been a market leader in home cleaning products in more than 50 countries worldwide. Vileda supplies durable mechanical such as mops, brooms, gloves, cloths, ironing boards, scourers, and more.

In 2017, Vileda teamed up with Italian digital agency Gruppo DigiTouch, which specializes in strategic consulting, data intelligence, and performance marketing, to create a multichannel digital strategy with the goal of growing sales on for the Vileda brand.

The strategy

To reach customers who are actively searching for related products, Gruppo DigiTouch used a combination of cost-per-click ad products: Sponsored Products helps vendors and sellers gain momentum for their product offering by helping to increase search visibility and driving sales. Sponsored Brands helps brands improve discoverability and engage with customers researching on Amazon. Sponsored Brands campaigns can also direct customers to a Store, featuring the brand's products.

For Sponsored Products campaigns, Gruppo DigiTouch created a list of product-related keywords to help drive sales. To analyze performance, it paused underperforming keywords and integrated new ones from automatic targeting campaigns, which helped the brand engage with customers while they searched for similar products.

Next, using a starting bid of €0,4, Gruppo DigiTouch activated Sponsored Brands campaigns to help drive consideration and visibility of Vileda’s Store.
To optimize both campaigns, Gruppo DigiTouch cross-referenced CPC (cost-per-click), CTR (click-through rate), ACOS (advertising cost of sales), and ROAS (return on advertising spend) reports once a week to allow the campaigns to adapt to a new setting.

quoteUpThe Sponsored Products campaigns were the main pillar of our strategy, seeing as they can have high conversion rates and the focus for them is to help drive sales. Likewise, the CTR (click-through rate) of Sponsored Brands helped drive visibility through the Store along with a great return on spend. Both were essential components of the campaign.quoteDown
– Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, Group President, Gruppo DigiTouch

The results

In 2019 alone, Vileda has generated close to 75 million impressions across its products on Additionally, Vileda almost doubled its sales attributed to Amazon Advertising on from January to September 2019 compared to the same time period the previous year. Lastly, the campaigns exceeded Gruppo DigiTouch’s ROAS of 7€ by 29% with a ROAS of close to 10€.

quoteUpGruppo DigiTouch’s strategy on proved to be extremely successful, prompting us to double our sponsored ads investment on I would recommend Amazon Advertising to anyone who wants to engage with shoppers and help drive sales and overall brand awareness.quoteDown
– Linda Fregonese, Digital and E-commerce Manager, Vileda