How Reckitt Benckiser used a Store and video ads to drive conversion for Veet Trimmers

The company

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) specializes in health and home hygiene products. Its product portfolio in India includes ubiquitous brands such as Dettol (antiseptic hand wash), Durex (condoms), Strepsils (lozenges for sore throat), and Harpic (toilet cleaners). Veet is the number one depilatory worldwide, present in 80+ countries, and enjoys the highest market share in the at-home depilation space in India. Veet’s market leadership is driven by constant innovations that meet women’s beauty needs globally.

The goal

RB had an objective of maximizing conversion rates for Veet Trimmers. They also wanted to make their Store on Amazon customer friendly, making sure to address common customer concerns in a Q&A section.

The solution

To deliver on this goal, RB revamped their Store to emphasize the products’ key features and included a detailed how-to guide for customers. Furthermore, RB used video assets to help customers visualize the accessories and bring the product to life, showing examples of how Veet Trimmers can be used.

To drive traffic to the Store and engage high-intent customers, the RB team used display and video ad campaigns to reach customers who had browsed Veet products but had not yet made a purchase. The new content on the new Store aided in tackling inhibitions towards product usage thereby boosting purchase confidence.

quoteUpThe Amazon Ads team’s constant feedback, along with their intent to support us and grow the brand on the platform, has reflected in better campaigns and performance. In today’s digital age, real-time customer insights and feedback are a delight for marketers to access. The Amazon Ads team has ensured that Veet reaches the right audience in the best way possible, gaining new customers and leveraging the market share we enjoy offline.quoteDown
– Jennifer Jacob, eCommerce Brand Manager, RB

The results

The combination of the Veet Store, video assets, and remarketing resulted in RB achieving a phenomenal 1.6x ad-attributed conversion rates in H2 2018 (vs. H1 2018), 60% video completion rate, and approximately 30-second dwell time.


  • 1.6x increase in ad-attributed conversion rates (H2 2018 vs H1 2018)
  • Approximately 30-second dwell time (50% higher than the average dwell time for category landing pages)