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Global Overview helps Vanicream chart a path to growth with a full-funnel strategy

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In today’s skin-care industry, consumers tend to be highly informed—and often overwhelmed by choice. They must carefully sort through vast numbers of products developed to address specific skin concerns ranging from dryness and irritation to redness and signs of aging. Amid such a wide array of customer selection, brands that prioritize high-quality ingredients and innovative formulations compete to stand out.

Although Vanicream has spent almost 50 years selling products designed for sensitive skin, it was a challenge for them to distinguish themselves from competitors as they transitioned from brick-and-mortar stores to online sales. Seeking to enhance visibility, they worked with Amazon Ads partner Global Overview to overhaul their advertising approach.

Building awareness in the sensitive-skin-care niche

Founded in 1975, Vanicream offers products like moisturizers and shampoos that are free of common irritants such as dyes and parabens. Historically, their partnerships with physicians and brick-and-mortar retailers gave them an edge in the hair- and skin-care market. Moving online, however, presented new challenges.

With a tighter advertising budget than their larger competitors, Vanicream relied on organic exposure from publications, social media, and influencers. Although Amazon DSP helped Vanicream focus on retargeting and customer loyalty, it was clear that there was a bigger opportunity out there, especially as they launched their new vitamin C serum.

To refine their online strategy, Vanicream partnered with Global Overview. Their goal was twofold: to drive sales of their new vitamin C serum, and to encourage customers to adopt a skin-care regimen using their four key products. Global Overview also had their own mission: to build Vanicream’s trust in Amazon Ads solutions.

Crafting a tailored full-funnel strategy for Vanicream

First, Global Overview analyzed their brand metrics and crafted a full-funnel campaign strategy that targeted every stage of the customer journey. Initially Vanicream was reluctant to invest in upper-funnel tactics due to concerns about impacts on their physical store sales. To address these concerns, Global Overview adopted a phased approach, introducing new Amazon Ads solutions gradually one month at a time. This tactic both minimized spending and demonstrated the effectiveness of each solution.

For awareness, Global Overview adopted Streaming TV and online video ads to boost brand searches and attract new audiences. They also used Sponsored Display to capture the attention of shoppers considering competitors’ products. Additionally, they sent regimen boxes to influencers, which contained QR codes that directed traffic to Vanicream’s Store. For the consideration phase, Global Overview used Amazon DSP display ads to engage people who had interacted with the earlier campaigns. They introduced Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video to guide potential customers to the Store, encouraging them to purchase the regimen and vitamin C serum.

To encourage conversions, Global Overview implemented Sponsored Products ads in related shopping results and product pages. Then they worked with Amazon’s creative team to build an enhanced Store for Vanicream, which educated consumers about the value of the new product and skin-care regimen. Finally, to encourage brand loyalty, Global Overview used Amazon DSP display ads and Sponsored Display to promote new offerings to consumers who had purchased Vanicream in the past.

quoteUpVanicream’s greater adoption of Amazon Ads and the loyalty of their consumers has helped us introduce even more shoppers to a wonderful brand.quoteDown
— Lynne LaRose, director of national accounts, Global Overview

Cleansing doubts with tangible results

The campaign yielded impressive results. In March 2023, Vanicream’s monthly shipped cost of goods increased by 99% compared with November 2022.1 Subscribe & Save monthly sales also grew by 187%, and their proportion of Subscribe & Save sales rose from 8.3% to 11.9%.2

Vanicream’s visibility also increased. In March 2023, average weekly organic branded searches increased by 28% compared with October 2022.3 The search frequency rank for “Vanicream serum” grew by 35%.4 Notably, the percentage of new-to-brand buyers within the skin-care category climbed from 37% in October 2022 to 45% in March 2023.5

The partnership between Global Overview and Vanicream highlights the importance of a tailored advertising approach. As they reflect on their achievements, both parties plan to evolve these strategies in response to new trends and insights.

“Global Overview is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of our brand mission and unique product niche,” said Derek Stevens, a national account sales representative at Vanicream, “which has created a true partnership and alignment between our organizations.”

1-5 Source: Global Overview, United States, 2023.