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Unicharm’s BabyJoy reaches parents on 11/11 Singles’ Day and White Friday in the UAE and KSA

BabyJoy Ad

Unicharm BabyJoy is a leading baby diaper brand that is part of the Unicharm Corporation, a Japanese company that specializes in the production of disposable hygiene products. Unicharm BabyJoy’s mission is to provide families with high-quality baby items that are safe, comfortable, and reliable. The brand has a strong reputation for innovation with a focus on developing products that meet the changing needs of parents and their infants.

Unicharm BabyJoy approached Amazon Ads in Q3 2022 to activate a holistic campaign for the launch of their new diaper, BabyJoy Olive. During the planning phase, White Friday and 11/11 Singles’ Day were identified as two important events for the upcoming launch. These two shopping events provided a great opportunity for the brand to increase their reach and sales in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia (KSA).

These shopping holidays can provide new-to-brand customer exposure, and with the growth of online retail in the Middle East, White Friday has become a significant shopping event for customers in the region, engaging millions of shoppers who are looking for bargains and promotions.1 Similarly, 11/11 Singles’ Day, which takes place on November 11, has become the largest shopping holiday in the world, with sales exceeding those of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.2 In fact, Global Web Index (GWI) surveyed data suggested that 56.7% of surveyed shoppers in the UAE and KSA visited Amazon in November, when both White Friday and 11/11 Singles’ Day take place, in 2021.3

Therefore, by using Amazon Ads solutions during these high-traffic shopping events, Unicharm BabyJoy could potentially reach new customers and effectively promote their new product to relevant audiences.

BabyJoy’s advertising blueprint for 11/11 Singles’ Day and White Friday

Amazon Ads proposed a holistic full-funnel approach combining a range of tactics to address both upper- and lower-funnel objectives. In the upper funnel, the goal was to raise awareness and drive consideration by increasing investments in display advertising on Amazon DSP. To further enhance product consideration and purchase intent, the team used responsive e-commerce creatives (REC) to promote specific Amazon standard identification numbers (ASINs) for Unicharm products.

Meanwhile, for the lower funnel, a remarketing strategy was activated for past customers, encouraging consideration of promotional deals, which then increased shoppers’ average order sizes. This helped ensure long-term customer engagement and retention.

Throughout 11/11 Singles’ Day and White Friday, and deployed key advertising placements to enhance product visibility and shopper engagement. For the 11/11 Singles’ Day sale, the site launched a one-day homepage takeover, which served as a prominent showcase on both Amazon websites homepages. Additionally, on the inaugural day of White Friday, the Amazon DSP package was implemented to further increase visibility of the brand’s products in the Amazon store during the key shopping events.

Audience optimization further enhanced the campaign’s effectiveness. After the campaign had been active for two weeks, the team performed an audience overlap analysis to identify any additional audience segments that shared commonalities with the primary audience group of parents with babies. Upon discovering these overlapping segments, they were subsequently incorporated into the consideration campaigns. This strategic inclusion led to a higher detailed page view rate (DPVR) and an expanded pool of potential customers browsing the brand’s offerings, helping improve the overall campaign performance.

Unicharm BabyJoy Ad

Turning diapers into revenue

The campaign achieved impressive results in Q4, as Unicharm BabyJoy experienced a 62% increase in sales growth when compared with a peer set in the next homepage headliner. Additionally, the brand exceeded their return on advertising spend (ROAS) benchmark goals by 76%, demonstrating the effectiveness of their advertising strategy.4

Unicharm BabyJoy was able to capture 33% new-to-brand product sales during Q4, which represents a 10% quarter-on-quarter growth. These figures indicate that they were able to reach audiences who had been unfamiliar with their brand and convert them into customers.5

These results are a testament to the success of the company’s full-funnel approach. By engaging customers at different stages of the buying process, Unicharm BabyJoy was able to increase their brand awareness and consideration, as well as grow their customer base.

*Results in this case study are based off a single advertiser’s use of the mentioned Amazon Ads product from October to December 2022, and are not indicative of future performance.

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