Ugreen inspires and captivates shoppers in the Netherlands with Amazon Ads

In 2021, Amazon Ads launched in a new country: the Netherlands. It was welcomed news to Ugreen, a technology brand that’s been selling a wide range of products in Amazon’s online store, from electronic charging equipment to car and home accessories, since 2014. Having already found success advertising on Amazon in other marketplaces, they jumped at the chance to extend their advertising efforts further.

While Ugreen’s ultimate goal was to increase market share within their existing product categories, the brand also approached Amazon Ads to help support two short-term goals:

  1. Drive additional visibility and traffic for their products
  2. Increase brand awareness in new marketplaces

Based on their positive experience using Amazon Ads in other countries, Ugreen was eager to implement a selection of ad products in the Netherlands, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Stores, and other self-service solutions.

Understanding the nuances of a new locale

The Dutch marketplace is an emerging one, creating both opportunities and challenges for Ugreen. While ad product feature expansion in the Netherlands meant new opportunities to reach audiences, it also made the country an appealing destination for sellers. In addition, audiences in this marketplace have different habits, shopping patterns, and language that must be considered.

However, Ugreen Sales Manager Monica Zhang was confident about the brand’s decision to expand their advertising into this marketplace. Zhang said, “Based on our previous experience advertising in other regions with Amazon Ads, it’s a good opportunity for us to increase sales, especially in new marketplaces.”

Creating a full-funnel marketing strategy

With a robust suite of options, Amazon Ads offers myriad solutions to the many challenges of expanding into a new marketplace. As Zhang noted, Amazon Ads is a “handy tool for product promotion.”

Sponsored Brands enables companies to create customized ads that generate awareness and increase consideration, and this is the ad product Ugreen leveraged to help bring more customers into their Amazon Store. While their objective with Sponsored Brands was to drive more traffic and awareness, they also relied on it to convert new customers into loyal ones and amplify new product launches. This was important for the brand because, as Zhang said, “loyal customers who recognize Ugreen are more confident when purchasing our new products.” Alongside Sponsored Display, the company leveraged Sponsored Brands to help familiarize customers with their entire product line—a boon to their current catalog and new products alike.

Ugreen rounded out this full-funnel strategy with resources and learnings from Sponsored Products. This ad product helps brands create ads that appear in shopping results and product detail pages. Using the learnings from Sponsored Products, Ugreen was able to analyze audience behaviors and draw insights from keyword rankings to inform future marketing decisions.

Captivating visitors in the Store

As Ugreen reached new customers with their ads, they began to cultivate deeper connections with them using Stores. As a fully-branded destination on Amazon, Stores enable brands to share their story, mission, and products through rich, high-quality visual assets.

Ugreen’s Amazon storefront helped the brand display their products in customer-friendly shoppable images, promote their company culture, draw insights, and track the impact of their Amazon Ads campaigns. A deals page, one of Stores’ most effective features, allowed Ugreen to efficiently call out and merchandise select products to customers.

"We find the insights from Stores very useful as it helps us observe shoppers’ behavior and monitor the effect of our Sponsored Brands promotions."

— Monica Zhang, Sales Manager, Ugreen

Finding resources for self-empowerment

Along the path to achieving their goals, Ugreen found the self-service resources on Amazon Ads to be helpful and adaptable. Seller Central was one particular resource that the brand regularly used. “Seller University is very useful,” Zhang said, “it helps sellers clearly understand how to use Amazon Ads’ various advertising tools.”

The flexibility of other resources enabled Ugreen to overcome some of the challenges of expanding into a new marketplace. By creating unique budget ratios for ad types, the brand could adapt to the nuances of customer shopping behaviors in the Netherlands.

Using the Amazon Search Terms report allowed Ugreen to tackle keyword localization, by analyzing customer comments and queries to learn localized and appropriate keywords that better utilized the Dutch language. They also used the report to draw insights into their search rankings, finding that many of their flagship products already enjoyed high brand recognition from their Amazon Ads promotion.

How expansion drove positive impact

Since starting with Amazon Ads, Ugreen’s ad revenue has seen substantial growth. In December 2021, the company’s ad attributed sales in the Netherlands contributed about 30% of all sales for the month.1 They also saw a notable return on ad spend (ROAS) from Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display. “We were amazed by the effectiveness of Sponsored Brands in the Dutch marketplace,” Zhang said. Additionally, In December 2021, ad impressions increased 6-times compared to January 2021, clearly indicating this ad product was driving new product discovery.2

With Amazon Ads’ tools and capabilities leading the way, Ugreen found the expansion into a new marketplace to be smooth and successful. In just a little over a year, the technology company has already seen measurable success with products like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Stores, and more.

"Raising brand awareness is an important task for us in new marketplaces. Amazon Ads has played a big role in helping to boost our brand awareness."

— Monica Zhang, Sales Manager, Ugreen

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1 Advertiser provided data, Netherlands, December 2021
2 Advertiser provided data, Netherlands, Jan 2021 – Dec 2021