Code3 helps TubShroom float to the top with sponsored ads

From a new product to a brand

Launched in 2016 with a crowdfunding campaign for its original product—a bathtub and shower drain protector—TubShroom has since grown to encompass a whole family of drain protection and clog prevention products.

Since 2018, TubShroom has worked with Code3 (formerly Marketplace Strategy), a performance marketing agency focused on media, creative, and commerce. Code3 works with its own proprietary business intelligence tool, Code3 Insights, to drive commerce-oriented campaigns that factor in the full shopper journey and brand experience.

Drain protection products are a crowded product category on Amazon, and TubShroom’s goals were ambitious: growing its brand with new customers and defending its existing customers, while keeping advertising cost of sales (ACOS) at or below 25%. Code3’s approach involved all of Amazon’s sponsored ads products, focusing on shopping results pages, product detail pages, and expanding to new audiences “in-aisle” in the drain protection product category.

"We began selling on Amazon because it was the place to be for direct-to-consumer products like ours. Amazon customers are knowledgeable and know quality when they see it. As we grew rapidly over the years, we realized it would be more efficient to partner with an agency like Code3 to get more efficient with our advertising spend and to seek out opportunities that we ourselves were not seeing."

— Solyman Najimi, Co-founder, TubShroom

Better together with sponsored ads

Code3’s Amazon Ads strategy included Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns. They were used to complement each other in achieving TubShroom’s goals.

Starting in Q1 2021, Code3 focused on the awareness stage of the shopping journey. To do this, they created Sponsored Display campaigns that consolidated products previously assigned to separate individual campaigns to larger, multiproduct campaigns. Taking advantage of Amazon Ads’ machine learning to help reach audiences with products they might be most interested in, Code3 additionally included custom creative in their Sponsored Display campaigns to further provide an optimized customer experience.

Working with Sponsored Brands, Code3 worked to drive traffic to TubShroom’s Store, which showed the brand’s story and its full suite of products, and to cross-sell and upsell. Sponsored Brands ads that directed to TubShroom’s Store were additionally intended to increase the share of new-to-brand customers.

Closer to conversion, Code3 used Sponsored Products auto-targeting as an always-on strategy to continuously update and optimize for the best keywords. Product detail page targeting with both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display played a vital role to help reach audiences closer to conversion, as well as for TubShroom to fully maximize visibility on its own product detail pages.

Results – better together with Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands

As of August 2021, Code3 overperformed its 25% ACOS goal with a 20% average ACOS across TubShroom’s sponsored ads campaigns, with return on ad spend (ROAS) increased to 5x.1

Working with Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands at the upper stages of the shopping journey helped Code3 deliver 86% of sales new-to-brand year-to-date, as of August 2021.2

Ashley Long, Lead Advertising Strategist with Code3, credits the success to a sponsored ads approach that focused on long-term strategies and the full customer journey. “Success on Amazon doesn’t come overnight,” the Strategist says, “and it varies for every brand and product. Be patient and continue to test and learn to find what works best for your brand.”

1-2 Advertiser-provided data, United States, 2021.