Travis Marziani's key tips for your first 30 days on Sponsored Products

Travis Marziani, founder of Better Nut Butter, started his business in order to create the product that he was looking for but couldn't find. With a unique blend of macadamias, coconut, and cashews, Better Nut Butter emphasizes nutrition through healthy fats, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, vitamins, and minerals. "It was probably one of the first [nut butter] brands on Amazon that was really geared towards performance, and really geared towards adults," Travis shares.

Sponsored Products is one of the tools Travis uses to generate awareness and introduce new customers to the Better Nut Butter brand. Travis started his YouTube channel a few years ago after he received multiple requests for advice on succeeding in his Amazon business. "For me, what's extremely rewarding at this point in my life is [...] teaching," he says. "I try to make my YouTube channel the best source for free content that I can."

We asked him how he would advise advertisers who are just getting started with Sponsored Products. Here's what he shared.

Starting off with Sponsored Products

If you're just getting started, Travis recommends creating a campaign with automatic targeting. "It's extremely easy to set up," he says, and "you get real insights."

Do your own keyword research to discover new keywords to try. This includes finding keywords you don't want to target, and using negative targeting to keep from spending your budget on these terms.

In your first 7 days

During your first week of advertising with Sponsored Products, Travis says, monitor your results to figure out what's working. Double-down on your success by increasing ad spend on successful keywords and testing related keywords.

In the meantime, lower your bids on keywords that are underperforming. And if there are keywords that are getting you no results, cut them out altogether.

In your first 14 days

In your second week, Travis recommends that you repeat that 7-day process as you gather more insights. With Sponsored Products, you can understand how your ads are performing and fine-tune your campaigns and make quick adjustments.

In your first 30 days

"Remember that sometimes it takes time to get results," Travis advises. "You might spend $100 or $200 before you get your first sale. Know that it takes time." He adds, "It's a long-term game here." You're looking not only for an individual sale, but for customers to love your product and become long-term customers.

He also recommends that you regularly monitor your campaigns to find opportunities to test and optimize. That is how you'll find the tactics that work well for you, as well as finding what isn't working so you don't spend your budget on non-performing campaigns.

Establishing your brand

Travis also gave advice on how to establish your brand on Amazon.

First, invest in your brand by registering a trademark and enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry. Be willing to spend money on your brand logo, product packaging, and photos for your product detail pages to make your listings look as professional as possible.

Also, think about your brand outside of Amazon as well. Consider other digital marketing channels, like your website or social media, as well as physical stores. "If people are seeing your products all over the place," he says, that can help you build your brand and help drive sales on Amazon.

A final tip

"Remember that you're investing in your education," Travis advises. While you might not see the return that you want immediately, he explains, "You're learning what works and what doesn't work, and you start doubling down on what does work."