TigeRetail success story

TigeRetail is a seller of a wide range of electronic items and accessories on Amazon.in.

Product promotion made simple

On Amazon.in, TigeRetail realized just how fragmented the electronics market was. They were aware of the need for a tool that would help bring buyers' attention to the products they sell on Amazon. Sponsored Products helped them address this concern.

“Sponsored Products is a powerful digital advertising tool that has helped us display our products to relevant shoppers at the right time of their buying journey thus increasing the chances of sales,” says Rishabh, Founder, TigeRetail.

Launching new products

TigeRetail has been constantly expanding its range of offerings on Amazon.in by introducing new products and categories. With the help of Sponsored Products, they were able to launch several new products with great ease.

“Sponsored Products has helped us manage our inventory strategically. We now run campaigns for product launches and for special seasonal offers, in addition to our always-on Sponsored Products campaigns. We have boosted our sales immensely, and we are using Sponsored Products ads to promote over 200 products," says Rishabh.

The dashboard is your best friend

Sponsored Products is designed to provide complete control to the advertiser. The campaign manager dashboard allows an advertiser to make changes to keywords, bids, and budgets based at any point. The dashboard also displays the campaign performance clearly with access to detailed reports.

“Sponsored Products has truly simplified the advertising process. Right from the payment that is now automatically deduced from our sales proceeds, to campaign creation and measuring campaign performance, the entire process is transparent, quick, and simple,” says Rishabh.


  • The campaign delivered an ROI (return on investment) of 23x
  • The cost of advertising is 1% of overall sales on Amazon
  • The seller has advertised over 200 products in 6 months

What they said

“We are able to compete with big brands today because of Sponsored Products ads that provide our products with great visibility. Our brand recognition has improved thanks to an improvement in search ranking and sales.”

Rishabh Gupta, Founder, TigeRetail