Case Study

Thule partners with Global Overview to increase glance views with Sponsored Display video

Thule parents carrying baby in a stroller

Purchasing a stroller is a big decision for new parents, who seek out a safe product that will also be easy to handle. Thule, which for more than 75 years has been creating solutions to simplify life’s adventures, is committed to developing smart, stylish, high-quality products that are safe, simple to use, and environmentally sound. This commitment spans Thule’s full catalog of offerings from cargo carriers to bike racks, strollers, luggage, and more. In November 2022, Thule chose Global Overview as a partner to grow sales and brand awareness due to the agency’s deep Amazon knowledge.

Thule wanted to increase traffic, awareness, and sales of their Urban Glide 2 stroller, an all-terrain product that sells at a luxury price point within a highly competitive category. While Global Overview’s sponsored ads, Amazon DSP prospecting, and Amazon DSP remarketing efforts were helping the brand see increases in glance views and sales, the brand wanted a more cost-efficient solution to reach customers at scale. Sponsored Display campaigns that were optimized for reach helped Thule achieve that scale, but the brand wanted to see similar sales and traffic results that they were seeing with other sponsored ads tools, which inspired Global Overview to lean in to video.

Global Overview had been testing Sponsored Brands video for Thule, which had a 1.24-point-higher click-through rate (CTR), a 2-point-higher conversion rate, and a 190% higher return on ad spend when compared to static Sponsored Brands placements.1 But this ad tool only appears on, limiting the brand’s reach. Additionally, Thule’s budget limitations prevented them from testing larger video solutions, like Streaming TV or online video advertising.

Pushing for Sponsored Display video

When Amazon presented Sponsored Display video to Global Overview, it felt like a product worth testing as a response to the challenges Thule was facing. Due to the success that Thule had seen to date with Sponsored Brands video and the reach that Sponsored Display offered, Global Overview introduced Sponsored Display video to Thule as a cost-efficient way to increase traffic at scale.

Thule launched this campaign with a prospecting strategy, optimized for reach to increase the audience size who might be interested in their products. The prospecting strategy allowed Thule to reach consumers who had viewed competitive strollers at a similar price point. Global Overview chose this audience because the Urban Glide 2 sponsored ads campaigns that targeted direct competitors generated a higher CTR in comparison to category terms. Global Overview created campaigns optimized for reach, with cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM), to ensure customers would see the video. For the Sponsored Display video creative, Thule and Global Overview focused on educating the consumer and highlighting features that set the Urban Glide 2 apart from complementary brands, including its lightweight and easy foldability.

Once the campaign was launched, Global Overview continually optimized audiences and bids to maximize performance with the goal of driving efficient traffic to the product detail page.

quoteUpGlobal Overview is a partner that consistently finds opportunities to help grow our brand in new categories, achieving both sales and awareness goals. It’s important to have an Amazon Ads partner with the latest knowledge, certifications, and recommendations for us to consider. They train their staff to stay on top of the latest Amazon Ads tools and trends that are instrumental in achieving success.quoteDown
— Blaike Hennessey, digital marketing manager, Thule

A quick stroll to success with glance views

Global Overview ran the Sponsored Display video test from November 2022 through December 2022. When comparing the two-month test to the previous two-month period, Global Overview found the following:

  • The Urban Glide 2’s average monthly glance views increased by 299%2
  • Sponsored Display video delivered a 44% lower effective cost per detail page view in comparison to static Sponsored Display3
  • Sponsored Display video generated a 53% lower effective cost per purchase than static Sponsored Display4

1-4 Source: Global Overview, United States, 2023.